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There is a great section in the magazine for Erotica but I was wondering what is everybody's favourite read? Do you have a favourite author, series, genre.

I like a little fantasy mixed in, so one of my favourites is Demonica series by Larissa Ione.ūüėė


Please share your favourite reads, but remember no external links are allowed! ūüėė


Some book suggestions would be good. 

Someone suggested 50 shades of grey and I found that dire. So badly written. 

Live not tried out the story of o yet.  Would anyone rate it


So I get a lot of my reads off kindle, just search for the the type of thing you want. A lot is ok ish. Quite a bit is adult romance and HEA. A good collective is 1001 Dark Nights, various authors, some better than others. Christopher Rice (Ann Rice son) has a good series called the Desire Exchange.

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I enjoy J.R. Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood series. It's about vampires, but it's wonderfully written. Plenty of sex scenes, but it doesn't overpower her novels. First book is Dark Lover

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BLACK LACE Erotica WICKED WORDS Series. Only read Volume 10 great fantasy scenes


Read two good femdom thrillers by K.C. Harding on my Kindle recently. They're about a dominant and sexy secret agent. 

The first book is called Conspiracy in Marrakech. Good story, exotic location. Main fetishes in this one are nylon fetish, cuckolding and martial arts (her kicking the ass of adversaries).

The second one is called Russian Spies in Holland. Well written too and even more kinky things in this one. Heels and pantyhose fetish, leather boots and foot fetish. Also forced feminization, spanking and a whole chapter describing one of the Russian spy submitting to the hot agent. More cuckolding and martial arts in this one too.

Both books are good reads. Real characters and good storylines which makes the kinky stuff so much better.


There is of course the seminal work of The Story of O that is a must read in my opinion.


Without question my favorite novel is a "Travelers Companion " The book written by C.S .Vanek, "The Skin book"  That said I'm a str8 male submissive and the story fits in well with my needs. 

A married man who in his youth was mistreated by an older woman friend of his Aunts, and later when married tries on occasion to be dominant but finds he prefers to be on the other side.  

I'm not sure I can properly describe  why I find this book so erotic, but I think it has to be the way the author places our hero in situations where he  cant avoid getting more abuse than he feels comfortable with but slowly finds it's exactly what he wants.                             

It wouldn't work very well as erotica for gay or male dominants of course.

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