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STORY - A nervous subs first time - PART 1

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I was sat on the sofa when the knock on the door signalled the arrival of my new sub, Laura. I was tempted to let her wait for a bit to increase her apprehension, however, as this was her first time ever visiting a Dom, I knew how nervous she would be and this was a time to put her at ease, not create any undue stress for her.


We had spoken for over a month prior to this visit, we also had a couple of video calls. I fully understand how hard it is for subs to put their trust and well-being in the hands of a stranger so I always show a lot of patience when communicating with them.


I do not take on just any sub, she has to demonstrate her desire to me before I will consider a visit. Laura had done just that. It mattered not to me that she was inexperienced, she was open, honest and had shown complete obedience in the small amount of control I had instilled in her remotely. We also seemed to have a natural connection and I found her very attractive, so, here we found ourselves - her first visit was about to commence.


I opened the door and welcomed her in. I wasn’t in Dom mode at this point, I wanted her to feel relaxed and her journey had taken her a couple of hours, no doubt with an anxious mind about what was going to happen, so she needed time to settle in. I could tell how nervous she was, she was shaking a little so we sat down over a coffee for about 30 mins.


Most subs have a problem opening up their innermost submissive desires because, although they long to experience true submission, they do so with a desire to be cherished by the Dominant, cared for and have their gift of submission treated with respect, as it should be. Allowing yourself to open up fully to someone also leaves a sub extremely vulnerable to getting hurt, so their emotional well-being is of the highest importance. I have been doing this for over 20 years, I know how to trigger those inner most desires and provide the right level of Domination and caring they desire. I knew Laura was inexperienced, she was scared as well as excited, she needed to be handled carefully for her to get the most out of this experience.


We had spoken at length prior to the visit, not only about her desires but also mine too. She had demonstrated a true desire to learn what I like so she could please me. She was very conscious about doing things ‘right’ so I would not be disappointed in her – I liked that enthusiasm to please and learn what makes me tick.


She received some orders that she had to complete for her visit. She had also been given my own set of rules that would govern her submission which she not only agreed to, but was excited to follow. The rules are quite extensive and cover how she should act during play and out of it. You see, I believe it is imperative to allow a sub freedom in D/s. Yes, there are rules that exist at all times, for example she is never to be allowed to masturbate or even touch herself without my express permission, but during the vanilla time, she should have the freedom to express herself. Life is all about balance, D/s is no different. A sub who has her life suppressed at all times, will eventually resent that, she needs to have the balance between freedom and control, which my rules allow.


I will not explain all of these rules here (unless you would like to read them in which case, I will post them) but basically, when in RED my sub is free to act, for the most part as she pleases, however, if I say BLACK, she is my slave, totally obedient and fully under my control. Laura said that she had memorised all of the rules in detail so she could prove her desire to serve me…I was about to test this for myself.


When Laura had finished her coffee and I felt she had calmed down sufficiently I took the cup from her, took it the kitchen and put it on the side. On returning I said the word that I knew would make her heart race.




I could see the expression on her face change along with my demeanour – I was now in Dom mode. This side of me does not shout, it does not require me to, however it commands respect.


I sat back down on the sofa next her as she waited in silence, knowing full well that she was no longer aloud to move or speak without my permission. I could see the mix of excitement and fear in her face.


“Have you completed the orders I gave you, my slave?” I asked


“Yes Master” she replied nervously.


The orders that I gave her for the visit were as follows;


i)               She was to be fully shaved from the eyebrows down, I hate pubic hair!

ii)              Every day for the last 2 weeks she was to edge twice a day ensuring she was desperate to cum, even before she had arrived.

iii)            She was to bring with her a change of clothes. I much prefer my sub to be dressed rather than naked, it’s a quirk of mine and she had to learn what I like and demonstrate this with her selection of attire.


“Good girl” I replied - for I knew she liked to hear those words.


“Now, head up to my bedroom, first door on the right at the top of the stairs. On the bed you will find a set of instructions. You will follow these instructions precisely, is that clear”


“Yes Master” she replied, before picking up the bag she had brought with her and heading on up the stairs, obediently.


I heard her enter my bedroom. On the bed she would find a thick, black, fur lined leather collar and matching wrist and ankle cuffs, a leash and a note from me which read;





My slave


You are now fully under my control. That desire you have had all of your life to submit to a Dominant man has finally come true, from here on your only concern is being the most obedient slave you can be.


You will now change into the attire your brought with you, with the sole purpose of pleasing and turning on your Master. You know this is important to him so ensure that everything is perfect. Once dressed you will add the collar, ankle and wrists cuff and as you can see there are padlocks for each with one universal key. You will add the padlocks and hold the key between your teeth, when you return downstairs.


In 30 minutes, you will come back downstairs having completed all of these orders. You will stand in the INSPECT position, facing your Master on the sofa. You will then wait further instructions.


Your Master


Part of Laura’s training to acclimate her to her upcoming new role as my slave, was position training. I like to be able to control my slaves with a single word, as well as giving me pleasure to be able to do so, it also tests the slave and forces her to focus. She had been given 6 positions to learn with a subsequent one-word order.


I could hear her moving around upstairs and smiled, knowing how scrambled her mind was going to be with that mixture of fear and arousal. I had no idea what she had chosen to wear – I like to give my subs the freedom to choose what to wear in the hope of pleasing me, I have no desire to have a ‘doormat’ sub, I want them to demonstrate their desire to please me without being ordered. So, I was excited to see what she had chosen. She had been very keen to learn my desires so I was interested to see what she had decided.


30 minutes on the dot, I heard the bedroom door open. I knew how nervous she would be descending the steps into my gazing eyes - her first time being under someone’s control, I could imagine how her mind was racing.


I fixed my gaze on her as she reached the bottom and walked over to the sofa, I could see her shaking, I could feel her trepidation but she kept her head down – oh the sweet humiliation she must have been feeling, only adding to the arousal sweeping her body.


She assumed the INSPECT position perfectly in front of the sofa - I loved her obedience and desire to learn. She stood, feet shoulder width apart, hands clasped behind her head, chin lowered looking at the floor, her ass and tits thrust out.


I must admit I started to get hard at the sight of her stood waiting in position for her Master to command her. I said nothing, I remained seated and took in the view.


She had chosen a thigh length black cocktail dress with a thin black belt pulling it in at the waist, black silk full length gloves, black silk stockings (I presumed as the hem of the dress covered the tops) and black strappy heels. Her dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her face was made up subtly, but with striking red, glossy lips. I was impressed. I had no idea what she had on under but that is part of the excitement for me, not knowing, like unwrapping a present!


The leather collar was wide enough to prevent her from tilting her head all the way down, but her gaze remained at the floor, the key to the padlocks dangling from her glossy lips. I could see her legs trembling but she was doing her best to remain in position and not fidget.


I love this part, knowing her head will be racing, her body tingling with arousal from my control and the humiliation of being on display. Wandering what was going to happen, waiting for my commands, at my mercy.


I remained silent. D/s is about controlling the mind of the sub, words are the most powerful tool in a Dom’s arsenal. She was waiting to hear my voice, hoping she had pleased me with her choices of attire, desperate for my attention, my orders, my control, but she is not in control now, I am and I want her to remain in that state of apprehension.


After a few minutes I stood up, she flinched a little but then composed herself as I approached. I walked around her, my fingers started running gently over her body as if she was a piece of furniture, stroking her, teasing her continually as I slowly circled her displayed body. From the rear I moved in close behind. I reached round and both hands started to explore her more vigorously. My head was over her right shoulder as my hands cupped her tits and started to caress and squeeze her nipples through the dress. I pulled her in tight and I am sure she could feel how hard I was. Her breathing was increasing, the keys still dangling from mouth. Her nipples were rock hard, straining against the black fabric as I started to whisper in her ear.


“You look stunning my slave; your Master is very pleased with his girl” bringing an audible sharp exhale from her. Squeezing her nipples quite firmly I continued “Judging by how hard your nipples are, I think my slave girl is a bit turned on, mmmm, I wonder what I will find between your legs, I wonder if that cunt of mine is soaking wet yet?”


I could hear the breath forcibly exhaled from her nose as I continued to squeeze her nipples. The key in her mouth prevented her from saying anything but she also knew that she wasn’t allowed to speak unless asked a question, so I was curious if she would have replied had it not been, so I reached round and ordered her to release the keys into my waiting hand.


I put the key in my pocket and continued with assault on her senses.


“Well, let’s find out” I said.


My right hand moved down to her right thigh and slowly slid up under the dress. I was pleased to feel the tops of her stockings and the attached suspender strap. Her legs were shaking as my hand continued its journey up and soon found itself moving back down, over her silky knickers and down between her legs. Two fingers ran firmly between her cunt lips causing her to gasp – she was soaking wet.


“Well, well, well” I whispered in her, continuing my verbal assault.


“You are soaking wet my slave, it seems someone is turned on being under my control, turned on by being my slave”  


My fingers continued to tease her soaking cunt, up and down her lips, teasing her clit and soon they slid under her knickers and started exploring her soaking wet insides. Her breathing was increasing, small moans started to escape as she desperately tried to maintain her composure, her legs were buckling slightly and I could feel her muscles squeeze my exploring fingers as she got more and more turned on. My left hand squeezed her nipple harder and suddenly she spoke.


“Master, please may your slave speak?”


“No” I replied sternly and abruptly removed my hands and all physical contact ended.


Unbeknown to her I was smiling behind her. I knew what she was going to ask, she going was going to beg to cum, but what I liked most of all was that, despite being so aroused, despite it being her first ever time in this situation, she had followed the protocol of being in BLACK perfectly – she must first ask permission to speak in BLACK, before doing so. I wouldn’t have been surprised had she just asked that straight out, but by asking to speak she had demonstrated that she had fully learned the rules that governed her slavery. I was impressed.


When a sub does well, it is imperative that you let her know. I want my sub to feel wonderful in her submission so she needs to know when she has pleased her Master. I brought her hands down behind her back, as I am sure they were aching and clipped the cuffs together, allowing her to regain her composure in a more comfortable position.


I walked round to face her, she instantly lowered her gaze to the floor – I love how obedient she is, but I lifted it up to face me with a finger under her chin.


I looked into her eyes that were already demonstrating her desire for me, my hand stroked the side of her face as i said


“I am so pleased with you, my slave. This is only the beginning for you, but you have pleased your Master immensely”


With that I leant in and started to kiss her, a deep, loving kiss that she melted into.

17 minutes ago, Therapist said:

Absolutely loved that. Good and kinky and good emphasis on respect and consent with the bondage control element. Very well written 👍

Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed ;)

2 minutes ago, Notjustcontrol said:

That’s nice to hear 🙂 x

In hindsight I probably ought to have been a little more eloquent in my praise. Anyway, you got the idea x

This is an excellent telling of something that I find to be realistic and true. Bravo!!!
It’s both erotic and informatively educational and insightful. Your experience and wisdom as a Dom shines through in your writing. I have really appreciated your honesty and writing.
Please continue. The community and novitiates can learn so much from your writing.
2 hours ago, Catsailor69 said:
This is an excellent telling of something that I find to be realistic and true. Bravo!!!
It’s both erotic and informatively educational and insightful. Your experience and wisdom as a Dom shines through in your writing. I have really appreciated your honesty and writing.
Please continue. The community and novitiates can learn so much from your writing.

Thank you, its kind of you to say and It’s nice to hear your appreciation!

30 minutes ago, Notjustcontrol said:

Thank you, its kind of you to say and It’s nice to hear your appreciation!

It’s nice to find an authentic author and experienced Dom posting here. My own approaches and customs have been similar. I’ve sought submissives that showed promise and have wondered. Where are those looking for a sincere M/s dynamic. It’s almost become too common for fast and furious sexual interludes and not many who enjoy taking time to develop understanding and experience the art forms of the lifestyle. You have renewed some confidence in what I’ve learned over my own time and years as a Master. Thank you for your posts.

  • 3 weeks later...

I read this with perfect knowing, and with a saddened heart. 
Perfectly transported into the story.

I hope many read this and get benefit from it . 
Written beautifully with respect and understanding shining through. 

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