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Brand spanking new


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Hello everyone! 

Brand new to fetish’s after being corrupted at a *** garden event! 

Like to explore the scene to find what turns me on! 

I love pleasing other people, turning them on! Them wanting me and masterbating over me!

Anyways, any advise for a newbie xxx


The best advice I can give you is to do your research and take your time.

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Helloooo 😁 Stick with us on here, there are other fet sites but this one is by far the friendliest. Also use your instinct when people are messaging you. Don’t accept anyone approaching you via a message any differently than they would in reality, just because there is a screen between us all doesn’t mean we don’t still deserve respect. You’re in charge of who you are, what you want & who you talk to. If you want to know anything or you’re unsure of anything just ask us. Xx

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first off, because you're selling you need a Dominatrix account (which is ironic in some ways as even pro-subs would need one) open a support ticket to sort.  Honestly, it's much easier than having to re-verify because someone with a petty agenda reports you.

Next up - I guess, what sort of advice are you specifically looking for - the world of kink is pretty big and broad 

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