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Wax play


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February 6, LadyRedDomme said:

Do read up  about candle temperatures .

parafin and beeswax are Hot and not appropriate  for wax play 


Soya wax melts at a lower temperature  and is less likely to burn .


ifcits candles / its fire and flame - keep away from fabrics curtains and flammable materials. - bucket or water to hand is a great idea .  Wax will be difficult to get out of hair !    And wax is messy — dripping or set !    Part of the thrill for me is to apply a cold ( not sharp knife ) sliding under the set wax to loosen it from the skin - set wax is easier to remove from skin that has been lightly oiled first .


start your drips high off the body ( go for the large expanse of back first ) avoided genital and face . Keep turning the candle to get an even burn on the candle and constant dripping rather than burn unevenly and cause a ‘ run’ or river of wax .

that is until you wish to cause a run intentionally. 

 Practice will give you accuracy and you will make patterns 



get neon wax candles and buy a black light torch - watch the colours come alive under a black torch light! 


Yes practice geez omg first time I did this was with a 4” cable burning and had lots but I showed her see not much bless her heart when I slowed her turn it much have ran that 2-3oz river. I was lying down and ready for the nipple dribble and it was so much it ran down both sides and stained sheets yeah practice on actual candles not 4”x5” triple burning scented candle jars will make you say oh baby let’s move on. Hey the one with the most experience needs to not expect they know by watching you and wasn’t my shining moment I was scraping wax off me for a while but exactly right knowing how to become an expert is a really neat little game both could get into. Thank you for explaining that Lady Red that was right on point.👏🏻

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