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Cuious about "being a little"


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So im pretty  new to the fetish world, i know ima switch and that ive known for a while... 

Ima pansexual switch and i have someone im interested in who calls me 'little girl' and calls himself pappi, then he'll ask me to do cute things for him in videos, etc... I dont consider myself a little, since theres allot of things im not into that most littles do...


Im curious is there like being a half of a little? Or like what are little tendencies??

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I’m not an expert but I feel like yes, their can be half of a kink, or being half little.  Could also just be a kink of you own and you just have limits. If you feel little, you can call yourself little. I think of kink like the spectrum of sexuality, meaning no one has to be 100% anything if they don’t want to. Hope that helps?


edit: btw my gf is a little, not me, not that it matters I suppose

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i think there are many different dynamics. For instance my first actual Daddy was an older guy (10 year on me) and he was apprehensive about me calling him Daddy to begin with. But soon after, he realised it wasn't because i wanted to have my nappy changed or wear baby gro's, it was simply because i wanted someone to nurture my playful side. We never roleplayed that i was younger, he was never into age play. What we had was beautiful and worked for us, he was Daddy and i was princess. He bathed me, dressed me in clean pyjamas, looked after me and generally just nurtured my younger side. He was more of a caregiver i suppose, but i loved it. Every aspect of someone actually caring for me and picking up on things before i did. Telling me to take off my pajama bottoms because i would be too hot in them, giving me a little spank on the bottom if i was naughty in public, scolding me if i dropped something down my pretty summer dress etc. 

I'm sure i could delve deeper into the age play roles if i found the right partner. But i was happy with my last relationship. It was just perfect for us.

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