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Music to strip / lap dance to


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I was trying to put together a playlist for a sub to strip / lap dance to for my pleasure. 

I thought Frank Zappa’s “The *** Never Stops” was good because it has a slow groove, is quite a long track and the subject matter is apt. 

‘Anyone got any suggestions?

you should really check out the Zero 7 album, 'Simple Things'... it has some amazing tracks... including some evocative instrumentals, at seriously-sexy tempos... I would also recommend DJ Krush... (especially his Miles Davis sampled-work....) ...and, 4Hero... and, The Cinematic Orchestra... all exquisite music to meditate, move, or make love, to...


I hope you find something suitably-erotic...


you may also, if you feel like getting Old Skool, about it, want to give a listen to, and consider:

Billie Holiday... Nina Simone... Al Green... Minnie Riperton... Sam Cooke...

or, some classic Motown, or Atlantic Records releases...


and... see if you can find some music, by Angelo Badalamenti... he provides the scores, for David Lynch movies... having had a long and brilliant collaboration...

much of his work is deeply-moving, in many ways...and has a darkly sexual undertone...

especially the movies:

Wild At Heart

Blue Velvet

Mulholland Drive

Lost Highway

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me


I'd be surprised, if you didn't find anything appropriate, amongst that short list of suggestions...?

good luck, with your musical-travels, and have much fun in your explorations...

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