Personal details

Gender Man
Age 50
Status Single
Height 173cm
Weight 63kg
Body shape Athletic
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Brown
Hair length Long
Beard 5 o'clock shadow
Orientation Straight
Ethnicity Caucasian white
Origin UK
Pubic Hair Natural
Body hair Some hair
Dick length 21cm
Dick width 5cm
Zodiac signs Capricorn

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...just love to give women oral pleasure... in desperate need of a kind and strict and loving Mistress... who will use my lips and tongue, for her own pleasure and gratification...
...need to worship an affectionate Goddess, with many long delicious hours of oral servitude...


I adore FemDom...
many years ago, I had a Mistress, who would, on a daily basis, use me constantly, for her own selfish pleasure... and make me give her pussy and arse a good licking out for hours and hours on end... sometimes, I would spend entire nights nestled between her thighs... kissing and licking... sucking softly on her labia and clitoris, sliding my tongue lovingly up and down between her buttocks, her cheeks so smooth and delightful against my mouth... and hungrily licking her tight sweet little bumhole...

she used to shiver and whimper and moan so beautifully... her lips trembling, mouth all a-quiver with unrestrained passion... and the sound of her pleasure and unfettered delight would always make me even hornier... urge me to make her moan even more... and never ever want to stop licking her... the way she would sigh softly and langorously as I tenderly kissed and licked her arsehole... encouraging me to lick her even more...

it felt so good, to please her, and pleasure her, and make her come all over my face, time and time again, every day... and then spend a long delicious time thoroughly licking her pussy and arse clean...

it was something that we both loved and enjoyed equally and immensely...

the feelings of unbridled pleasure that I got from pleasuring her, are almost indescribable... I would almost come every time my tongue made contact with her... brushing deliciously against her soft silky pussy... or tracing paths up and down between her buttocks and her lower back... or playfully licking around and around, and in and out of her arsehole...

the fulfilment I felt was orgasmic and ecstatic and euphoric...
it was the most beautiful relationship I have ever been in... intensely physical and deeply, deeply emotional...
sadly, it came to an end...

and I have longed to be completely and utterly used like that by a woman, ever since...

many, many of my fantasies revolve around being dominated and controlled and used by a woman for her own gratification, pleasure, and eventual ultimate satisfaction... gives you… is like an appetizing smorgasbord in Bristol with lots of hot guys to meet up with. Have a look around first if you prefer to see who’s around, or if you know what you want, search by selecting the right category "Kinky Dating”. Nobody stays alone here for long! has tons going on!

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How did you get switched on to
stumbled across the site, quite (?) by accident, whilst (yeah, you guessed it...) conducting a Google search...
(incidentally... I had initially searched for FemDom... and, this site, was one of the first of about twenty-six-million-three-hundred-and Read more… forty-seven-thousand-nine-hundred-and-sixty-three search results...!)
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What types of kinksters are you hoping to meet here on
this unworthy waif is in desperate lascivious need, of a strict and loving Mistress...

also, Would Like To Meet...
(as the wording says, in a million-and-twelve Personal Ads)
like-minded individuals, of any gender, who are as obsessed and fascinated with FemDom, as I am...
(I'm pret-ty Read more… sure, there ought to be one or two, floating around, here, somewheres, on their personalised Cloud-Nines...?!)
also interested in expanding my education, and furthering my own journey, by talking with kinksters from all parts of the spectrum, and from widely differing perspectives...
this world is so endlessly fascinating... and, just because one person's kink may not happen to be one that I personally share, I still value their experiences, their thoughts and insights, their subjective viewpoints...
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When did you discover you were kinky? Tell us about your journey through kink and BDSM.
have always known...!
(it was pretty obvious to me, right from the get-go...)
have always been highly-sexual... deeply sensual, and hyper-sensitive... extremely tactile and affectionate...

I have always had a fiercely inquisitive nature, and an incurable burning curiosity about the world... Read more… instinctively non-conformist, questioning, and experimental...
my life has been unconventional, to say the least...
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What was your first kinky experience? What did you learn from it?
besides regular vanilla formative-fumblings...
earliest was probably getting banned from a pub, at the age of sixteen, for being ordered down to my knees to perform oral sex on a girl two years older, in the Ladies Toilet...
she instructed me and taught me and controlled me... which I had never Read more… experienced, before...
and I absolutely loved being in her complete power...
the way she held my face to her, ground herself against me... using me so selfishly for her own sexual gratification...

this was my first experience of female domination, and I immediately knew that I wanted to always be in that inferior position, and made to give pleasure... to be in complete thrall, subjugated and controlled and used...
this single event changed the nature and course of my life...
I have subsequently been utterly dominated, and instructed by two women, since then... one of whom became my Mistress, and I her slave, in a longterm 24/7 D/s FLR, for over a year...

I am so grateful to that long-ago girl... so proud to have been used by her...
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What qualities are most important for you in a relationship?( BDSM, kinky or vanilla)
open and honest communication... obviously...!
this is the fundament...
everything else stems organically from this... patience, empathy, understanding, consideration, care and concern, admiration, respect, trust... and, ultimately, love...
without that connection of intuitive communication, no Read more… true bond may be formed... and any relationship, vanilla, bdsm, or otherwise, cannot hope to progress beyond a superficial level...
it is only through time taken to converse... and to actively listen... that we get to know each other... hear each other's stories...
only dedication, and perseverance, and a willingness to learn the other person... in all their sometimes hideous detail... that we build up a clearer picture of the other... and obtain a better understanding of their character, their traits, their philosophy, their wants and needs...
if undertaken slowly and carefully, this can gradually lead to an attunement, an almost psychical connection, where each instinctively knows the other's mood and mind... can read each other at a glance...

I have personally experienced this... and so I know that it does exist...
(I just have not seen it, in a while, is all...)
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What turns your kinky brain and body on?
I would have to say, that I really, really, totally adore 69... and face-sitting... especially forced-oral...
I just absolutely ecstatically love being underneath a woman... inferior below her... her thighs enclosing me... feel her pressing down onto me... pushing into my mouth... her buttocks Read more… brushing softly against my face... the warmth of her... the scent of her arousal... the delectable taste of her...

but my absolute makes-me-moan favourite position, guaranteed to get me devastatingly-horny, every single time... is when a woman makes me get down on my knees behind her... pulls her panties down teasingly, really slowly... and tells me to lick her arse...

it is the most wonderful, luxuriant feeling in the entire world...
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Tell us about your kinky fantasies!
... long to be completely and utterly used by a woman, for her unending oral pleasure ...
...greatly need to give oral servitude...
many, many of my fantasies revolve around being dominated and controlled and used by a woman for her own selfish gratification, pleasure, and eventual ultimate Read more… satisfaction...
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What was your most memorable kinky experience?
the first time that a girl ejaculated over my face, was one of the highlights of my entire life...

I had been licking her for perhaps only around fifteen or twenty minutes... previously, we had only ever performed 69... and this seemed to be our natural position... whenever we lay down to bed, Read more… she would automatically climb on top of me, in the reverse position, and push her pussy into my mouth...
but this time, we were in a different position, her reclined in an easy-chair... I kneeling between her legs, and licking her pussy up and down and in and out, and sucking on her clitoris...
she was letting out softly increasing moans, as her pleasure mounted and intensified... I was driven to further licking, by the sound of her sighing and gasping... her moans turned me on so much, that I licked her more eagerly...
then, her thighs clenched to either side of my head, my face enclosed in her... she gave a loud series of pantings and moanings... and then she suddenly spurted directly into my mouth and face... her warm juices overflowed in my mouth... ran down my lips and my chin... I swallowed, and opened my mouth, again, to receive the rest of her flow...

I became so excited and turned on, that I just carried on licking her... licked her clean... made sure to lick up every dribble of her sweet juices... the taste of her so delicious, the richness of her body and the heat of her arousal turning me on immensely...

I continued to lick her, in the same seated position, for some time afterwards... kneeling at her feet, head between her plump thighs... licking her clean still... and kissing her soft flushed pussy... her clitoris so swollen and tender beneath my lips...

I then bent her over onto all fours, knees on the floor, and hands planted on the seat of the chair... and kissed her round buttocks softly... she would moan slightly, amid her shivers, whenever I traced an outline with my tongue... and I slowly licked circles around her buttocks, one after the other, repeating the patterns on the left, and right... gradually these circles ran from underneath her buttocks, at the tops of her thighs, to wide arcs at her lower back... she seemed to like this very much, and so I increased my vigour... and continued to lick her...
I licked all down her back, tracing her spine... and she shivered and whimpered all the while... I licked down to her tail-bone, and followed each curve of her lower back, where she was extremely sensitive...
I then followed the curve of her buttocks, until I was licking up and down between them... she let out an intense groan of pleasure... and I continued to lick... slowly working my way to her arsehole...
she had never had her arse licked, before... besides the occasional not-quite-accidental slip of my tongue, during 69... I had also been the first person to lick her pussy...
she moaned so deliciously, when my tongue came in contact with her arsehole, that I was urged and compelled to lick her more...I slid my tongue up and down, and round and round...
and then I was licking in her arsehole directly... following its curves and creases with my tongue... licked it softly and thoroughly...
she was now moaning deliciously, whimpering... and I licked her arsehole with more insistence...
I slid my tongue into her arsehole... and she winked it on my tongue... her muscles so soft and so tight...
I licked her deep... moving my tongue in and out of her arsehole... and her moans became intense once more...
she shuddered continuously... for what felt like hours... she came so beautifully, time and time again...

I licked out her arse for the rest of that evening... and many times thereafter... I grew to love the sound of her moaning... the way she would shiver and tremble... sigh and gasp...

my other most kinky experience, was when I was given thorough strict instruction and training in anilingus and face-sitting, by the girl who was my first true mistress...
...and that is a tale, for another day...
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What accomplishment are you most proud of? (Can be something to do with kink or anything you want!)
am extremely grateful to have served a Mistress...
have always been humbled and proud of satisfying and giving pleasure...
am immensely proud of introducing many past girlfriends into oral-servitude... cunnilingus, anilingus, face-sitting, foot-worship, ass-worship... for many, it was something Read more… they had never had done to them, before... and many became instant converts to extended periods of pussy- and arse-licking...
for some of them, it was the first time they achieved orgasm...
for which I felt truly privileged...
it is the most wondrous, luxuriant, euphoric feeling, that there is...
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What music do you like to listen to?
almost everything...!
being a percussionist, (I play full kits, as well as, African Djembe, Cuban, Indian Tabla, Arabic Darabuka hand-drums...) I have a wide and eclectic range of tastes and influences...
from Blues, Gospel, Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass, Soul, Funk, Dub, Roots, Hip-Hop, Drum n' Bass, Read more… Breakbeat, Trip-Hop, TransAmbient, Electronica...
to African Tribal Rhythmns, Nyabinghi, Kathak, Mongolian Throat Singing, Gregorian Chants, Romany, Arabic,

The Cinematic Orchestra
Amon Tobin
DJ Krush
DJ Shadow
Aphex Twin
Boards Of Canada
LTJ Bukem
Miles Davis
Tom Waits
Buddy Rich
Massive Attack
The Cocteau Twins
Wu Tang
Mos Def
Asian Dub Foundation
Zero 7
Venetian Snares
The Doors
Pink Floyd
David Bowie
Velvet Underground
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What are your favourite films and/or TV series? Any favourite BDSM or fetish related ones?
Apocalypse Now!
The Straight Story
Bad Boy Bubby
The Station Agent
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Betty Blue
Taxi Driver
The Shining
They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
Midnight Cowboy
The Addiction
Gerry / Last Days / Elephant
The Read more… Conversation
Killing Zoe
This Must Be The Place
Amores Perros
The Godfather Trilogy
Dead Man's Shoes
Breaking The Waves
The Idiots
Dog Day Afternoon
Twelve Angry Men
Rhythmn Thief
The Thing
The Fog
Assault On Precinct 13
Straw Dogs
Harold And Maude
Little Miss Sunshine
The Lobster
The Big Kahuna
Glengary Glen Ross
Night Of The Living Dead / Dawn Of The Dead / Day Of The Dead
Gosford Park
The English Patient
American Beauty
Seven Pounds
Crash (the Paul Haggis movie)
Crash (the David Cronenberg Movie)
Leaving Las Vegas
Mean Streets
Raging Bull
The Departed
The Prestige
Eyes Wide Shut
White Mischief
King Kong (the 1933 version with Fay Wray)
Jason And The Argonauts
Blue Velvet
Wild At Heart
Mulholland Drive
25th Hour
The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada
No Country For Old Men
Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?
Inside Lewin Davis
Being John Malkovich
The Pit And The Pendulum
The Howling
An American Werewolf In London
Masque Of The Red Death
Twin Town
Stormy Monday
The Brown Bunny
Broken Flowers
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
Jackie Brown
Kill Bill Vol, I and II
The Crazies
Vamp (I know... it's a pretty shit movie... but, Grace Jones is just so hot...!)
All The President's Men
Little Big Man
Good Night And Good Luck
Lost In Translation
Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai
The Blair Witch Project
Cannibal Holocaust
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Night On Earth
The Bothersome Man
About Schmidt
Everybody's Fine
The Long Good Friday
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, And Her Lover
The Pillowbook
The Funeral
Go Go Tales
The Bad Lieutenant
Zombie Flesh Eaters (Zombi 2)
La Haine
Last Ride
Le Samourai
Match Point
The Talented Mr Ripley
Ripley's Game
Sexy Beast
Synecdoche, New York
Buffalo 66
The Remains Of The Day
Waking Life
Black Swan
The Wrestler
The Tree Of Life
Requiem For A Dream
Fight Club
Stand By Me
Killing Them Softly
The Legend Of 1900
The Last Supper

sorry... only BDSM-related one, I can recollect, right now, is: Secretary
(I guess everyone probably mentions that one...?!)
(other, more specialist titles, are available...)
Rope And Skin
Venus In Furs

and, as for shows...

The Sopranos
Six Feet Under
Northern Exposure
The Wire
True Detective
Boardwalk Empire
This Life
The Borgias
John From Cincinnati
Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul
Red Riding
The Walking Dead / Fear The Walking Dead
Twin Peaks
Robin Of Sherwood
Game Of Thrones
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Anything else you want to share with your fellow kinksters on Any hobbies? Cool or weird jobs you've had? Whatever you want...
to me, imagination and creativity are the most important things in this world... perhaps the most essential...

I am a writer... not exactly a hobby... more of a vocational obsessive compulsion...
(although unpublished... and, therefore, unknown, unrecognised, and unrich...)
I write about many Read more… things, and in many different styles, differing
voices... Gothic Horror, Dystopian, Noir, Mysteries, Crime Fiction,
Human Drama...
I write short stories and pieces of fiction, also, essays, screenplays
and scripts, and social-commentaries...

I write in a very organic and fragmentary manner... writing whatever
comes to me... and so, I honestly do not know how many short stories I
have written, and am still writing...
it is only when I come to edit each of my fragments together, that I
will be able to see them as a whole...
as it is, I will write a scene for a story, knowing that it connects
with others, and that it is a part of a larger picture...
I am creating jigsaw-pieces which will one day fit together to form a
continuous narrative...

this is a very unconventional method of writing... many other writers
will write in a linear fashion, from beginning to middle to end, and
know precisely where and how the plot will unfold...
often, I will begin at the start of a fresh page, and have an idea for
a scene, how it will play out, which events will happen, etc.
but... by the time I am even halfway down the page, the story has
overtaken my original thought, and assumed its own direction, become
something else, entirely...
I never know where a scene is going to just sorta plays itself
out... sometimes taking me unawares... I often find myself surprised
or shocked or outraged, at what a character has said, or done... and I
wonder vaguely where it came from...?!

it certainly keeps me engrossed and interested in the work, if even I
don't know where the plot will lead... or where and how it will

for over twenty years, I have been working on a collection of
intertwining stories set in a not-too-distant nameless city... which
is the apotheosis of all cities, as all cities are becoming
homogenised, and therefore all are exactly the same, and exactly

picture 'Bladerunner' meets 'The Wire' meets James Joyce's 'The
Dubliners' ...all interspersed with elements of Raymond Chandler,
William Burroughs, Joseph Conrad, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Jack Kerouac, George Orwell, Albert Camus, Franz Kafka, Kurt Vonnegut, Aldous Huxley, Umberto Eco, Virgina Woolf, PD James, Patricia Highsmith, Margaret Atwood, Cormac McCarthy and a smattering of David Milch and David Mamet, Henrik Ibsen, Anton Chekov, Euripedes, Sophocles, Arthur Miller, David O'Hare, David Chase, David Simon, Alan Ball, Charlie Kaufman, and Harold Pinter...

the city itself, is a character in its own right... the voice of the
city, through the narration, gives an overview, a sense of setting and
place, and provides numerous overarching mythologies and legends, cultural references, street-customs, traditions, demographic tribal rights of

these stories, originally intended to be interconnected short-stories,
sharing the same setting, background, and sometimes even characters,
have grown organically into much larger works... have assumed a life
and magnitude of their own, and perhaps will each become a novel in
its own right... one day... maybe...

I have been an Old-Skool gamer, since the age of about fifteen... RPG's, table-top... Historical, Fantasy, Sci-Fi...
am also a freelance artist, having undertaken many commissions, over the years, scratchbuilding, sculpting, model- and maquette-making, painting...

I have trained for many years, studying various Eastern martial styles... Judo, TaeKwonDo, Freestyle Kung Fu, Lau Gar Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Shaolin Crane, Fujian White Crane, Chin Na, Pentak Silat...

I have also spent a few years, or so, learning the craft of making short-films... screenwriting, producing, cinematography, lighting, sound production, editing, directing, special effects,...
I have helped other people to realise their own projects, creating camera- and shooting-scripts, conducted casting shoots, given production and directorial support and assistance... as well as completing my own works...

I currently produce short pieces of experimental psychedelic no-budget videography, designed to be cut together for music, or projected onto a large screen or wall... these are made without computer generated effects, and rely on creative resourcefulness with materials and available light...
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