It's all about how you identify

Not even 'straight' is cut and dried

Sexuality is a spectrum, and there's more than one way of being straight. It's true that people who identify this way are in general attracted only to people of a different gender to them - but that can cover a lot of bases! There are more than two genders, after all; there are people who identify as straight who are attracted to others of any gender other than their own. Some straight people are attracted primarily to gender identity, and have relationships with trans partners, while other may find that they seem only to be attracted to cisgendered people. Not even 'straight' is a cut and dried sexuality - never forget that humans are complex, and so therefore are the words they use to describe themselves!

What does heterosexual mean?

Someone who is exclusively romantically and or sexually attracted to people of the opposite gender/sex. So a woman who is attracted to men or a man who is attracted to women.

Is heterosexual the same as straight?

Yes, just as homosexuality is often expressed as a person being gay, Heterosexuality is often referred to as being straight.

Is heterosexuality the opposite of homosexuality?

It’s not as simple as that. Both can be seen as the far ends of the spectrum of sexual orientation with bisexuality sitting in the middle.

Can a heterosexual person be attracted to a person of the same sex?

It is definitely possible! Someone who is mostly attracted to people of the opposite sex may find someone of the same sex attractive. Just because you’re attracted to one person of the same sex as you doesn’t mean you’re necessarily gay or bisexual. It is up to that person to define what their sexuality is. If they identify as straight and not bisexual that is up to them.

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    As someone who has been in the Community since they where 21.
    I have been on this learning and passion to understand how to be a great leader. Am I perfect? The answer is no I make mistakes and still today try to be humble enough to grow as a Dominate. As now I grow I have not mastered one single path alone but have much experience to look upon as a whole. I first began as a submissive to understand both sides of a coin one must study both sides of the lifestyle. In my own opinion it has made me a better Dominate. I am Heterosexual after being sexually abused at a young age it has totally turned me off of socializing. I was sexually active up to that point and it took 5 years of being lead by some one with great values to teach me how to be trusting again. I Just came out and told my family less then a few years ago about my sexual abuse after hiding it for almost 40 years. So I must get to know someone is the first step into what I am looking for. I am a Dominate not a person that will pay to play or give you money. The community today is so lost in values its very Insulting. It is one thing If I want to do something nice for you. This attitude of pay me ore else is far from the true Values of why we are here. There is no greater disrespect then subbing from the bottom up. Discipline and respect should be what you truly seek as a submissive. The moment you lose these by being judgmental shallow and picky. Are you putting you best foot forward? Your to old for me or I have to be attracted to that person. I have heard it all but then they find that Finance Sugar daddy or momma but they lack the skills to be a Master/Dominate or they get hurt abused and neglected. Truth is you should be careful there are a lot of pretenders calling them self Dominate or Mistress. I have a nice 12 inch thick strap on I love to use in multiple ways Filling Your holes prefer to use it leaving my hot cum for your face or body.....sound fun message me No MTF or Males Married is fine but I work alone Drop her off for the weekend and they must not interfere in Relationship or Dynamic. and Polly is ok, Females only. Relationship Dynamic . Impact Play, Orgasm Controle and Deny, Bondage, Ropes and Forced Orgasms, Masks, Nipple Pussy and Anal Thys Back and hand and feet Torture Kneeling, Domestic Dutys mild/strong/Hardcore depending on your tolerance for pain. punishments may include Chasity Bet Anal Plugs and training Couch Time Corner Time Grounding of Favored Things. Kneeling based on tolerances punishment are based on the offences and fit the violation Brats Be Warned.

    Hard Limits: blood play (everything to do with it), body hair (Dislike), breath play (everything to do with it), cutting (everything to do with it), gangbangs (everything to do with it), needle play (everything to do with it), pubic hair (Dislike),, strap-ons (Not on me), toilet (everything to do with it), toilet slave (everything to do with it), Uncontrolled Violence (everything to do with it), waterbondage (everything to do with it), watersports (everything to do with it)
    Rave Dm me in chat lets get to know one another.

    Kinky Date18 to 50 years USA, Little Rock 2 months ago

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    There's a common misconception that the word 'bisexual' means 'someone who is attracted to the two binary genders', but this isn't really the case; generally, the word means (and is used to mean) 'attracted to people of my gender and people not of my gender'. As such, it can have broadly the same meaning as 'pansexual' - and the two terms are increasingly often used interchangeably by people to whom both can apply. Whichever you prefer, it's absolutely vital to remember that bisexuals aren't on the fence, waiting to choose or 50/50 - they're simply capable of being attracted to people of all and any genders.
    Like all of the words people use to describe their identities, different people use the term 'lesbian' in different ways -but it's pretty much universal that lesbians identify as women, and have relationships only with other people who also do. Lesbians are, therefore 'monosexual', which means 'attracted to only one gender'. Not all women who are only attracted to women describe themselves as being lesbians, though - some prefer to use 'gay', 'queer' or other terms, for either personal or political reasons. It's always a good idea to ask someone how they self-identify before assuming, no matter how obvious you think they're supposed identity is.
    Traditionally, the term 'gay' refers to people who identify as men who date, sleep with and love only other people who also identify as men. Over the years, however, more and more people on the LGBT+ spectrum came to identify with the term; people of many gender identities and sexual orientations sometimes use it to describe themselves now. The controversy surrounding gayness has mostly to do with the fact that cis gay men are seen and portrayed very differently to many other LGBT+ people - and often wind up as the recipients of a huge amount of the acceptance, understanding, attention and publicity afforded to this group as a whole.