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Lobby needs re-thinking


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This probably isn't going to be liked, but needs to be addressed. 

I have been a member here on and off for around 4 years. The chat lobby when I first come here was a welcoming and a respectful place where good conversations would happen and everyone would join in and feel part of the group. The chat rules were largely respected, and  if someone broke a rule accidently others could remind them it's not in the chatroom rules and no problem . 

Now the room is the complete opposite. Role-playing is a constant problem from brats, trolls are a continuous problem comming on being abusive, A lack of basic respect in general between members. It's worse than a children's playground on most days. I could go on with the list of problems. Something needs to change because this is an un-welcoming environment. 

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Sorry this has taken so long to put through but we've had staff shortages and this is deemed as a duplicate topic as we've had many a topic about this and about the lobby in general. Please if you see any of this behaviour please call a chat mod in to the lobby, if no mod online please report the conversation and or profile in general. 

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