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Whose the boss, part 1


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I’ve been within this company 3 years but this my first time meeting the CEO, and the first day within this position as his secretary. His last three secretaries have left the role within 3 months. He has an aggressive reputation but I can handle it, I’m stronger than most. 

I arrive an hour early and take my place at my new desk. I pause for a moment to admire the view, it’s breathtaking- you can see for miles. I smile to myself. I’m ready. I open my computer and prepare myself for an onslaught of emails, but before I can get fully absorbed- the elevator pings. 

I look up to see him. Fuck. 

He’s not anywhere near me but I can feel his authority. I’m instantly aroused by the power he exerts. His head is down, busied by his phone and he walks assertively towards his office, not looking up once. He walks by me and for a moment I’m sure he hasn’t even seen me. Im quickly proven wrong when he barks my name from his office. 


It’s said - not as my name, but as a command. I breathe, adjust my skirt and enter.

He’s standing at his desk still looking at his phone.

”Sit” - my arousal increases but I can’t let him know that. 

“I’ll stand thank you” I reply.

This grabs his attention and for the first time he looks up at me. I have to stop my self from gasping. If the view was breathtaking before he some how made it better by standing in front of it. His jaw was strong even through his beard. His eyes were piercing, pinning me to the spot.

“It wasn’t a question. Sit.” 

“No thank you, how can I help?” I reply- the only way I will resist this man and keep my job is if hold out. I was warned about this test, he doesn’t like weak characters. But I didn’t know it would be this hard.

He takes a step towards me and looks me up and down. I can smell his cologne and my pulse quickens. “Do as I say.” His voice is low, but powerful. I almost cave. I meet his gaze but remain standing, a silent disobedience. He walks past me to the door and closes it. “Whose the boss here” he says. “You sir” I reply. 

“So sit.” He’s standing right in front of me, his full height towers over me, my will is thinning and he can tell. I turn walk to his side of the desk and take a seat, “how can I help?” I repeat. 

He contols his face well but, I can see the shock. He smirks again and beckons me with his finger and points to where I was previously standing. This time I follow his command. He leans in close whispering so low I strain to hear. “I like your innovation. But, sit in my chair again and there will be consequences.” There is power is in his voice, but there’s an undertone of something else... 

“You’re the boss” I say and begin to leave. As I reach the door, I look back to see him now sitting at his desk, eyes fixed on me, smirking. Then it hits me.. the undertone in his voice was arousal. 



Certainly arousing, and I love the bratty tendencies. I look forward to reading more.
I dont normaly read this kind of work... But i was gripped at every word. Love it
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