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Musings on Chastity & Service


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While not necessarily me asking questions to learn, someone else may find something interesting in this post and get some ideas. Enjoy them, and play safely.

TW: mentions to male bodyparts

I'm currently an early-on-the-road transgirl. I don't think I have a desire to get any extreme surgery, but I know one thing - I want to appear and act much more feminine. And for some reason, the quick way to do that for me is to lock myself up in a well-fitting chastity cage.

I can't always feel it there. It's plastic and metal, and it's a slightly unorthodox shape, but this leads to me sometimes forgetting I'm wearing it; forgetting I have a penis at all.
Sometimes, the underside will chafe a little after a few days of wearing it. It's not painful, just uncomfortable. And then I readjust and I'm once more just a girl in her cage.

There are times when I'm hyper aware of it. For good, and bad.
For good, it's nice to text a friendly dominant some gentle, soft pictures of me being proud of my chastity, and them responding with happy kinky threats in kind.
For bad, sometimes I make a bit of a mess on the toilet, and it'll be tight when wearing the wrong kind of bottoms. Every now and then I wonder if it's just a kink or if I really don't want this thing. I don't know.

But for now, dancing, bouncing, musing and squeezing in my chastity is fun. It's something I fully consented to, something I truly and intensely enjoy.
Others have things like toys, spanking, restraints...for me, it's just a plastic cage and a metal lock.

I'm happy in chastity. 🔒
From reading that it's making me want to put myself back in the cage. Seeing someone else enjoy it seemingly to its full potential just inspires me to want to reach that as well. Totally awesome
Being locked can be a very powerful feeling - am a relative newcomer to it having bought my first cage about a month or so ago - whilst it's a self-prescribed thing (mostly) and not something I envisage being a permanent or even long term wear thing for me, I did initially find I was craving putting it on each day (was only wearing it during the day).
So can relate to a lot of what you are saying, for me it frees me in a lot of respects, which sounds a contradiction given the device, but when it's on there's a sense of freedom and it being right.
Ultimately if it's what you enjoy for yourself then that is all that matters.
My dom side got so excited reading your post! I derive my pleasure from hearing and seeing pleasure in others. It’s like I can feel how much you enjoy both sides of the experience and I wanted to thank you for sharing!
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