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The submissive


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I wrote this a little while back about what it feels like to be a submissive to me, I'm not the best at writing but thought I'd share here as well! I'm trying to write more about my feelings about the lifestyle 🖤


The long talks

The discussions,

The negotiations,


The hold of a hand,

The hand gesture,

The kneeling.


The big breath,

The look in Their eyes,

The reassurance.


The drawbacks,

The worry,

The soothing hair grabs.


The look of hunger,

The look of Dominance,

The look of safety in Their eyes.


The gentle stroke,

The reassuring words,

The orders,


The rules,

The encouragement,

The scandelous looks from others.


Time stopping,

Your mind is silenced,

Your under their control, but you're so free.


The safety of being everything in that moment, nothing else matters and your The submissive waiting for your next instruction, your next task, your next moment of freedom in something that makes perfect sense. The peace that the quietness inside your head brings when you are so sure you're in the right place at the right time with the right person. It's a stroke of a paddle, a touch if the hand, and the look in their eye of pleasure when you are serving Them willingly.

The knowing your the submissive,  and They are the Dominant and They have control, mind, body, and soul. The complete serenity They offer by allowing Their presence over you, even when They aren't with you. It's intoxicating. 



Omg omg yes YES! Apsnowndowhfiekqljkene this is exactly it 🙏🥰💜
23 minutes ago, jak1401 said:

Omg omg yes YES! Apsnowndowhfiekqljkene this is exactly it 🙏🥰💜

I'm glad you like it!

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