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An Odd Request (No, actually A Very Odd Request)


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(I hope this is okay to post here.  If not, I do apologize.)

I'm not sure where to begin with this.  I guess I'll just give a brief summary and then get right to the request.  If anyone who reads this wants more details, then contact me privately.


Since June 9th, I have been conducting an experiment on myself.  I have chosen to not have an orgasm and I have done this without wearing a chastity cage.  When I started, it was just to see how long I could go.  But a few weeks into it, I decided that I was going to aim for 100 days. 

Aside from when in the shower, I have not touched myself with my hands since I started.  I have, however, been edging myself to the point of addiction.  To do this, I use (get ready for it) ...... a magic wand massager!   And with the exception of a little bit of (ahem) spooge that came out on the 25th day, I have been cum-free and orgasm-free.

In the past week or so, I have begun leaking a little.  But I have come up with a comical remedy for this, a "band-aid" for the problem, if you will.

As I type this message, it is the 80th day.  20 to go, putting the "explosion day" on September 17th! 


All that being said ... onto my request ...

Once I hit the 100th day, I'd like to be observed as I orgasm for the first time since June 9th.  It would be sort of like a watch party, I suppose?

The request is for information.  Does anyone know any sort of a webcam site that would allow me to do this?

I'm not interested in a paysite I need to buy membership to in order to do this.

There's bound to be a free website out there.

Does anyone know of such a website?

Thank you,



it's not that odd of a request

there are an awful lot of men who want to masturbate on cam and have someone watch them

there are, however, not very many women interested in watching a stranger masturbate.  

But anyway. You can literally go live on zoom, or equivalent - or - join one of the streaming/cam sites as a performer and set your price to free.  (though, adultwork doesn't allow nudity for free, you could set it to the minimum) 

regardless, you are going to struggle to find anyone who cares - and it's more likely to be gay men which then means you need to understand what they want to see. 

Hats off to ya. While I enjoy edging, I need multiple daily release. I’m far to grumpy when pent up and when masturbation just isn’t enough.
True, such an event is likely to attract gay watchers, there are some women who like to see a good cumshot.
I enjoy watching men masturbate, maybe you could organize a voyeur party 🥳
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