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Beautiful Damn Eyes:

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Damn your eyes! 

They call to me, make me melt. 

I can feel the desire building up in my core, wanting and needing you inside me. 

I can see the storm within them calm,

As I begin my presentation, your hands wrap my safety net around my neck and clasp the collar.

I look up into those beautiful damn eyes, as your hand brushes my cheek, the other clipping on my life line, my leash. 

That smile you give me, knowing you have plans to bring sweet delicious sexual ***.

As you pull me closer, those damn beautiful eyes staring me down, telling me what to do, how to act, how to be for you, as you slide inside of my mouth. 

Still looking at those lust filled damn eyes.

Wrapping one hand around my hair, as you take control of the pace. 

Your beautiful damn eyes look down, telling me I’m a good girl. 

As I take you fully, tears streaming down my face.

You slow down, closing those beautiful damn eyes as your release of warm saltiness slides down my throat. 

Walking around behind me, staring at our reflection in the mirror. 

Looking at your penetrating gaze of those mesmerizing eyes. 

I jump as the first whack comes across my ass. 

Smiling as the sweetness continues, ass red hot, those protective strong hands rubbing my skin, moving your fingers to feel my dripping silky wet purse. 

My moans motivating you; hardening as you stare into my submissive wanting eyes.

We gaze at each other in the mirror; you enter at a slow torturous pace.

Making me feel every inch glide inside of me. 

Those beautiful damn eyes showing the primal need inside, ravenous to release, thrusting faster, harder, deeper. 

Owning me, 

Possessing me,

Claiming me with every glare of those damn eyes;

It’s in those eyes, I find my strength, protection, love, guidance, and bliss.

Those beautiful damn eyes show his love, adoration, desire, lust, hunger, and his need for me. 

It’s those beautiful damn eyes looking back at me in the mirror; helping me find depths of myself I never imagined existed. 

It is there we find each other. 

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