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The rope


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"Open your legs a little",
I say as I kneel down.
I tie the rope around one knee,
then the other.
It hangs loosely between them,
almost reaching the ground.

"The rope's not doing anything?",
you say with a touch of insolence.

"Oh, you'll see."
and you'll regret taking that tone.

I stand up again
and bind your wrists behind your back.
Here too, the rope dangles down, loose.

I place some toys on the mat.
some for pain,
some for pleasure.

Then I lift up the rope connecting your wrists
and slip between you and it.
I hook my legs through the rope
tying your knees.
I put my arms around you
and bring you down slowly.

I lie back onto the mat,
pulling you with me.
Now that I'm lying on it,
the rope between your wrists is no longer loose.

"Relax", I whisper.
Your head dangles backwards over my shoulder
your neck is beautifully exposed
to my tongue, my teeth, my grip.

Now I start to spread my legs open.
You try to keep yours closed.
It's no use.
The rope between your knees,
loose as it was,
forces you to follow
until finally it tightens.

"Is the rope doing anything now?"
You nod and grunt slightly.

You lie there fully exposed
your body draped on top of mine.

I have your full attention
and you cannot escape mine.

I will feel every breath you take
and every breath you miss.
I will feel every twitch and flinch and gasp,
every involuntary struggle and shudder.
I will feel it when you instinctively try to close your legs
or move your hands
because I am what's keeping you pinned in place.
I am the rope now too.

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