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Safety with rope


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1. Know if your partner has medical issues, allergy to fibres, athesma, heart issues, fainting issues, phobias like spiders in case one shows up and freaks them out. This goes both ways!! Know if your Dom will panic over that damn spider and have your own shears nearby.

2. Shears!! You must always cut out if the safeword is called. If you won't cut your rope, don't use it. The safeword is instant and often avoided until the sub will have a breakdown if they aren't released.

3. Check body temperature of hands and feet if needed before and during play. Check colour of hands and feet. Check they can squeeze your hand back to signal wellness.

4. Know your safeword or use red yellow green.

Red- stop cut me out right the fuck now!!

Yellow-i might want out or just an adjustment. 

Green- all good baby!

5. DO NOT TOUCH ANYONE WHO HAS NOT CONSENTED!! Even girl on girl. Even if 'they know me, I see them all the time '. NO! It is not ok.

6. Subs, do you space? What brings you back? Sugar and water are a must even if you think you've got it covered. 

7. Doms, do you space? How? For how long. Sugar and water are essential again. 

8. If in doubt cut the rope. Never ever second guess your gut but get them down safely.

9. Check in with your Dom or sub. Drop can occur after play. It's entirely individual and you may or may not experience it but you are in charge of checking the mental and physical health of your partner. Yes subs that includes you.

10. Subs. NEVER withhold a safeword. Trust your gut. It's not a failure to use it. You fail if you refuse to use it and damage yourself.

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I would add: Start slowly unless you a) know very well what you are doing and b) know the other person very well. And if you're new to rigging, go to groups and events and get people to show you what to do_ tying is a tehcnical skill that (beyond the absoltue basics) needs to be learned.

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