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Rope and restraint methods


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Have you tried subdue her and binding her fist with duct tape around her limbs? What this does is that it not only keeps her held firmly in place, but also acts as a good funishment for her struggling, as after you begin to apply the ropes, you can remove the tape and it's likely to sting as it pulls all those hairs out of their follicles. This can be tricky to remove from underneath ropework though so another avenue to consider is that it may be easier to use something such as satin, velvet or silk scarves to do this instead as these materials are rarely abrasive enough to leave any marks no matter how tightly they are bound and can be more easily removed once you have her bound in rope. I'm guessing that the struggling on your submissive part is part of your roleplay/dynamic? If it's not then I would take the unruly sub and tan her hide with a multitude of ***ful tools (cane, crop or whip) until the fight has been lashed out of her and she submits to staying completely still for you.
What about the soft bondage rope? That's really good and comfortable too so if she moves/wriggles it won't burn her. Love honey does a good one x

You can soap or wax your rope first, creates a light barrier. Just take a dry bar of soap and rub in on the rope until it has a light waxy coating or use bees wax.

Do a sample first, just enough to bind wrists, it will feel odd to both of you as the texture maybe new.

Sample is to test if you okay as it is hard work.

Don't use oils or heat up your soap or wax...these are not short cuts.

Use natural soap or wax, no colour or scent.

Talk to your partner as they may have allergies to soap being in contact with their skin for long periods of time, if that is the case try natural waxes.

First find out if your bunny is being a brat, why the struggle when you are designing restaining rope. Restraining your bunny first by using cuffs, fluffy, statin, velcro, buckles these are all options. There are also tape, non-stick tape made for bondage. Very wide elastic/bandage i have found to be effective for the more sensitive bunny.
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