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A Dance of Rope and Flesh


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She waits patiently, knees pressed against the floor in Nadu position as a symbol of her readiness to begin. Her mind calm and contented in the light of what is to come. The cool air sits heavy on her skin, as goosebumps rise like tombstones on her limbs.

Her breath quickens as my footsteps pierce the gathered silence, replaced with the buzz of the first beats vibrating out of the speaker. The music is dark. Strong earthy beats reverberate through the floor. The scene is about to begin.

A heightened awareness spikes within as she carefully listens to my movements about the room, the hanks of rope thudding to the floor, the eddies of air currents around her body, and the increase in beats of her heart to the stimuli. She is frozen in both anticipation and wanting, waiting for my hand to be upon her skin pulling her down in to the depths of her desires.

“Boom” her heart hits hard as my footsteps end behind her. A gasp escapes her lips as my soft fingertips trace down her skin from shoulder to mid-back, before retreating into the air. Her body quivers as if ice had been dumped upon her, knowing the next touch will not be so gentle. Willing into existence the sc*** of metal on leather, as the cold point of a knife dances across her breastbone. Body wishing to be limp, yet remaining erect to maintain her purpose, her mind slides into a delicious space as the room begins to shrink in around them.

Elevating her ***fully to her feet, I continue the movement of the blade as my body wraps around hers. My fingers tracing an outline to which the knife obediently follows in stead. Her feet do not give, held in place by sheer will while her mind melts into a puddle. Her words are gone. Guttural grunts and moans echo, amongst the cries of pleasure and *** as the blade grazes and stabs with dysfunctional piercing, biting the flesh and leaving a thin red trail of its act.

She is safe. Wrapped up against my body, my arm around her pulling her in tightly. She can feel my heart beating against her back and she can feel how much I am enjoying her. The knife lifts from her skin in what feels like an agonizing moment before it strikes again. The metal sc***s the leather and is put aside.

Hearing the soft rustle and scratch of rope being manipulated against itself. Warm touch once again falls on her skin, as rope is places beneath her breasts and pulled around her. Fingers gently trace after the rope that slides around her skin, as it is cinched tight pulling her slightly off balance. Catching her, my arm holds her steady and pulls up her breasts as the second loop lays against her and cinches into place. She is aware of the multiple points of body contact between us, as I weave the chest harness into being and snugly becoming part of her.

A soft warm sensation falls over her as she moves in the rope. The bindings, along with my physical connection, pushing her deeper into headspace. Adrenaline coursing through her veins being combatted by satisfying electric bursts of endorphins. She feels the rope cinch tight one more time as the finishing knot is made.

My grip lowers as a new hank of rope is unfurled, gliding over her waist and biting down sharply into a larks head. The line reverses as it is slowly guided by my hand gently grazing the skin of her lower abdomen. She shivers and the rope flattens and cinches before being pulled down to knit over her thighs. Like a fly in a spider’s web, she is slowly cocooned to be ingested. Her energy and essence being absorbed as she further submits herself to my rope.

She comes to, from her trance, as she feels the uplines pull taut, as another burst of adrenaline courses through her veins. Her chest is locked in, as her waist is hoisted slowly into the air. The ropes creaking intertwining with her gasps as she begins to fly. Her headspace is deep and, despite the music in the background, the room falls completely quiet. She is in her element once more.
Ropes are so intimate, this was a lovely read!
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