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Ten metres of rope.

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The first loop circles your belly.
It doesn't hurt,
it doesn't constrict,
it's just snug.

The next hugs your chest,
like an old friend.

So it proceeds,
criss cross.
Each band of rope
gently stealing another slice of your breath,
until the last knot is tied.

Our eyes are locked
our breathing in sync.
No deep breaths for you now.

Your hands are free
you could untie yourself,
breathe freely again.
You won't.

When I'm ready,
I start with that last knot.
Untying, I slowly pull.
The rope slides across you.
Electric, tingly.
It's over too soon.

So it proceeds,
criss cross.
Longer and longer,
as each knot is undone.
I slowly pull it
around your back,
your neck,
your front.

Too much and not enough,
at the same time.

Your breath becomes your own again.
Is it really yours if
I can stop it with a twitch of the rope?
If I control your sighs and moans?

Kneeling opposite each other,
no rope ties you now.




I have been taking classes in a very interesting type of tie. It's called 天初縛り (tensho shibari). This tries to capture my experience of tying and being tied with this style.

This ☝️ is what happens when folk don't know how to Internet 🙄🤣
Naru, I like your poem, sounds like you're practicing a form of Ichinawa, a really good sensual rope experience, plenty of good videos out there about it 😊 Happy rigging

SenDom33, not sure about Ichinawa. I've been to a couple of Ichinawakai classes with a pretty famous master and the emphasis was on speed and following their specific pattern of knots (they even ban you from taking classes elsewhere). It's a generalization but they tend to be pretty focused on suspensions or difficult ties and somewhat up their own asses. This school still teaches those ties but they are super-focused on the receiver's experience. This is a tie that doesn't restrain, it just constricts. It feels wonderful and the untying is the bit everyone loves. I did it outside of the class for the first time last weekend with a friend and she told me she almost came the second time I untied her :)

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