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Sensual Domination:

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The sensuality of His dominance started long before He even laid a finger on her body.

It was His essence, His being, how He spoke to her, stared at her, it was His alpha energy.

He moved with a level of confidence that made her feel safe the moment they met.

She knew no matter what He had her, would protect her and dominant her.

At first, it seemed like everything moved in slow motion, and every sense was heightened.

How He moved, stared, laughed, spoke; how His hands knew where to touch at the right moment.

She still smelled Him on her body, and it brought a level of submission back to her mind. 

It was a slow, steadily incline of His Dominance.

He seeped slowly in her mind, without even realizing it, she began to submit naturally to Him.

She was bound to Him long before rope came into play. 

Finding herself wanting, needing to make Him proud she was His.

His submissive, her Dominant. 

He was patient, waiting for His prey to come to Him, knowing He would win in the end.

She would be His, she was marked by Him the moment He laid eyes on her. 

As He began the session, feeding her need to submit with ever command, she followed instruction.

He explored every inch of her body, nothing left untouched.

The pleasurable pain that came with every mark, every move from Him, she took with love, desire, and need. 

Her nerve endings on fire with greedy lust.

Pushing her limits, teaching her, guiding her to the next level of ecstasy. 

He listened to her moans, her screams, her heart beat pounding in her chest, watching her breasts bounce to the rhythm of His thrusts.

Her strength waning with every orgasm He takes from her; filling her to the brim with His thick, hot seed.

He pulls out of her, she whimpers from the release of His shaft stretching her tight pussy.

Kissing her long, deep, and passionately, finally claiming her body.

Drifting to sleep she felt His lips kiss her forehead. 

Whispering in her ear “Good fucking girl.” 

As He wrapped His arms around her and pulled her into Him breathing her in. 

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