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Switches - women compete to dominate or be dominated

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I understand that most domination is one sided male or female. Wimp submits to mistress or master.

But what about those who enjoy the thrill of conquest. To put yourself up against another person in a fair contest.

This does not have to be about strength but a series of contests to find out who is better.

The satisfaction of domination via conquest. So much better?

There's nothing impish about being submissive !!!

if you think there's weakness or whimpishness in submission then BDSM is not for you.  You clearly have zero understanding.

If you think BDSM is a competition on "who is better" then BDSM is not for you. You clearly have zero understanding.

Switch battles can be fun - but these only work for those who are into it mutually - and it soon stops becoming fun when one has the strength to constantly overpower the other.


My apologies for using the word wimp I should not have it was direspectful and you were rightly annoyed.

I do understand the power relation , althought it is not for me.

I also get the switch battles where one always dominates that is not fun.i have had fun sessions with ladies lot smaller and have had to submit. I have developed a contest where each person has an even chance. Sometimes 1 v 1 sometimes 1 v 2 or 2 v 2.

For me it is the uncertainty which is the fun. Maybe not pure bdsm


I know people who love a kinda switch exchange dynamic where one is in 'control' and then the other will suddenly turn things around on them.

Of course - this doesn't work if one cannot be over powered 

Mind, I do know a lady who used to take switch sessions and nearly every time - the guy would "go first" and she'd end up leaving him pretty much destroyed and humiliated.  Which I do find quite funny.

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