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Latex Fetish, What are the limits?

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Hello, I am a new member here just starting to reach out into the community of latex suits and fetish. I wanted to know for those who are experienced in latex..

1) Are those who have this fetish in wearing latex suit, limited to only being submissive or are there those who dominate? Often I see females dominate and males submissive..

2) How do you over come the shyness that can be associated with having this fetish? I feel often that I'm some how doing something wrong for having interests in this fetish.

3) What do those who wear latex suits think of others who are new to this fetish? Are you open to others about it or private?

Thank you for your time in reading this.. ^^;


1) Latex fetish isn't exclusive to any role

2) why not go to somewhere where those wearing latex will be in attendance?  A local fetish party for example

3) I enjoy latex but wouldn't say it was a fetish of mine.  Like anyone new to any fetish - as long as your attitude is in the right place, all is good. 

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