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Ballbusting, how have your experiences been?


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having barely scratched the surface of it, I really want to know how it's been for others, doms, subs, how was your experience?

how hard did your sub let you go, did you wanna go harder, how much could you handle the *** as subs, what did you do to keep going, what safety measures did you take, how hot was it

As a general rule : I'm not into ballbusting - but it's something I will do with the right people at the right times

one thing to help prepare is to clear your surroundings as you are likely to crumple down and so banging your head on the way down is likely to do more damage than being kicked in the balls

like most activities, use of a safeword, even if it's just something that gives a pause or a few softer kicks to recover 

different guys can take more than others and some enjoy it more than others - a big thing, again, like a lot in kink is don't try to be a hero.  Don't push yourself to take more than you can or continue if you're really not enjoying it - to ask for an ease off or break

also, for safety... this is something best done sober, and also even things like ***killers (particularly aspirin) should be avoided.  This is because they thin the *** and so if a vessel is ruptured you won't stop bleeding and it may involve an awkward trip to A&E

I personally only done one ball busting session so far, of course I want to go as hard as I can haha but communication is important so what they said above about the safe words^^ we did the red light green light system. green for good, yellow for lighter, and red for stop/break. i cant speak from subs experience on the ***, but he did tell me he went home and iced. was very hot and fun
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