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The jack


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You play hard and fast

with the truth. I'm a rigger.

Oh. You know rope? I mean,

I'd like to learn. Maybe you

could teach me? You have years

of experience of being a Dom

but don't know that the trappings

are simply that, and that the real

heart of it is in the bond between 

two people. You like spanking

and hair pulling, but you know 

nothing about what it means

to have my sexual soul

in your hands. To have my trust, 

my vulnerability.  You like titles, 

but don't understand that 

you have to earn them. You expect

my honesty, but don't give me yours.

A lie of omission is still a lie.

You call yourself a Dominant. 

A Daddy. A Master. But you are a 

jack of all trades. I see you. And 

I see through you. 
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