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At last the weekend had arrived and the couple knew exactly what to do. They spent the morning relaxing, soft music playing in the background, snuggling against each other on the huge leather couch. They went out for lunch and on their return shared a bath together, naked in each other's arms, drifting in the warm water surrounded by fragrant scents. Totally relaxed they went, naked, back to the bedroom.

He lay face down on the bed, the plastic sheet cold to his skin, and put on a blindfold then concentrated on staying calm and relaxed. He felt her climb onto the bed, straddling his hips, her thick, lush pubic hair teasing the top of his crack. She stroked his back softly as he sighed in pleasure.

He tensed involuntarily as he felt the first cut, but immediately forced himself to relax again. More cuts followed, scratching his pale skin. As he felt the first cold trickle run down his side he imagined how it would look, dark red against his white skin.

Only able to feel, he imagined what she was cutting into his body. A heart on each shoulder blade, flower sprays either side of his spine, a huge butterfly on his arse, the patterned wings over his cheeks, his crack becoming the thorax and abdomen, antennae either side of his spine. She was so artistic! He smiled and sighed in pleasure as he felt the blade slicing through his skin and the rivulets flowing, congealing, drying, becoming like hard plastic tugging gently at his skin.

She went on, adding more images down the back of his arms and legs. When she told him, he rolled over, feeling his skin against the wet, now warm plastic and she set to work on his front. A huge dragon on his chest, anchors on his forearms, Celtic crosses and vines down his legs.

Finally, she had finished. He stood up, removing the blindfold to admire her work in the full length mirror, and gasped in amazement! When the surplus runs were removed and only her cuts remained his body would look incredible.

Handing him the blade, she put on the blindfold and lay, face down, on the red sheet. It was his turn to decorate her...

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