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Serious Question for a DOM


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I'm planning on a follow-up trip to a Pro-DOM dungeon (seeing the same mistress).

I have an extreme castration fantasy that I've asked her to help with. Essentially, I've told her that I want to be completely restrained and gagged, and then she can;

Simply play mind games and just tease that she's going to do it.

Go through the motions (she uses a burdizzo) but not with enough pressure to actually castrate me.

If she really wants to, to just go all the way and do the full castration.

Now, I actually DON'T want to be castrated, but it's that whole 'really not knowing' if it'll happen or not that gets at the core of the fetish - the FEAR of not knowing what she'll do (obviously with dire consequences if she does).

I did explain to her the ramifications to a man if he's castrated, but she's really into making peoples fantasies a reality so much so that when I first talked with her, she asked me if I wanted to be cut open (she was willing to do that - obviously I didn't). I think she may believe I really do want to be castrated.

Wondering what other DOMS would do with that request, and if I'm placing myself at too much risk of having her carry it to a full castration (which again, I really don't want). Again, telling her that I really don't want t it ruins it for me. I'm hoping that my relaying the consequences of doing it will be enough so she wont.

Any feedback would be sincerely appreciated.

Thank you!

You don't want the honest, logical answer as it would risk upsetting the fear/fantasy.

Asking the question here, like this, you put yourself in a lose-lose situation. People reassure it won't happen, and your fear factor collapses. People tell you it will/might happen, and the reality of the situation you're placing yourself in hits so you're liable to back out.

So I ask you - what is it that you hope to get out of this question/thread, if you are honest with yourself?
My only advice would be to drop the Pro Domme an email and explain you want the fantasy to remain as alive as possible but without any cutting etc (insert limit here, you may be ok with a little blood etc. That’s your preference!) but explaining that you want conversation to still remain as alive as possible, but your limit is (insert here).
I’m sure she will be accommodating but it also gives you some reassurance that you can live out the fantasy during the session but remain intact.
Id like to think that any professional would not perform a medical procedure such as this ( theres obviously fake sutures if they have that knowledge). They probably dont want to have an assult/potential murder charge on their hands. Unless 'American Mary' is your pro domme then hopefully you should be in safe hands. It is always advised that every hard limit is said before hand though. Hopefully the threat of anything coming near your bits that could potentially change them forever is enough to put the fear of god in you, one sneeze and 'oooppps'

generally speaking

there are no pro dommes would take the booking if they actually thought you wanted to be castrated, as this is lose/lose for them

(there was someone on this forum a couple of years ago who claims they did castrate a sub, but while I have my doubts they did also claim it was something built up to together over a long period of time) 

so how much you really get into this depends on how suspectable you are to fear play, particularly when you know it's not going to happen.  

Years ago, I did a castration scene for film - and - actually, despite knowing she wasn't going to do it and that technically she couldn't cos it wouldn't be saleable - the fear kinda was there.  The sensations of the implements, that I couldn't see what she had... and that actually, I was strapped to a bench - if she'd really wanted, I was going nowhere! 

So a lot of how this would work would depend a little bit between your own headspace and how convincing she is.


Ok, Some additional background...

The first time I saw her, we had a pre-session chat and she asked Straight out if I really wanted to be castrated, I just shrugged my shoulders. She then asked. "Ok, do you have any hard limits"? I said no, only because I wanted to keep that fantasy/fear of not knowing alive.

She then asked if I "wanted it bloody", and I said no. She indicated she had another way, no big deal.

So fast-forward to the session and I do believe she was going to go through with it(using a Budizzo - no blood, etc...). I stopped her at the last minute.

When asking for my second session (being scheduled), I asked her to have me restrained and gagged before it was 'time' so I would not be able to stop her (this is the email where I also explained the ramification of actual castration).

Then I said it was up to her on how far she took it (up to and including actual castration).

So again, I'm wondering if I'm placing myself too much at risk for her to carry it out? (and no, hearing that she won't on this forum would not kill the fantasy for me)

I really appreciate everyone's feedback/candor.


Thank you

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