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What I did with a banana

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Back when I had a Dom Lover, I contracted to drop anything to join him should he call me at work on a whim for a lunchtime tryst. I never knew when he would call, and that was part of the fun. More than once I had to back out of a work lunch because he called. Well, he called.

Our relationship was always more about kink than sex, and I was in the mood to do something outlandish. I was lucky enough to have a banana in my lunch, so I skulked off to the restroom with it, where I worked it into my ass, leaving the peel in the sanitary box of the stall.

I spent the whole car trip to the motel struggling not to expel the banana, fighting waves of urgency.

As agreed, I walked into the motel room, the door unlocked. He was sitting in a chair,  naked below the waist. "Kneel down and suck me," he said.

He saw the smile on my face and asked, "What aren't you telling me?"

"I have a whole banana in my ass. I don't know how much longer I can hold it."

"I don't care. Suck me."

I stepped out of my skirt and knelt to suck him.

I knew he liked what I had done because he didn't last long. As he came in my mouth, I finally gave in and dumped the banana into my panties with a rush of relief that was every bit as good as a short orgasm. He threatened to make me eat some of the load while he watched, but said there wasn't time.

I left the panties behind in the bathroom trash. All the way back to work, I laughed to myself over what the poor cleaning person would think when they discovered it.

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