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Daddy (poem of a daydream)


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My eyes,
His distraction,
My lips,
Make him smile.
My crys and plea's,
As I'm forced on my knees,
Make him rage with superior attraction.

My wrists bound behind me,
My legs spread to his will,
As I'm face down and waiting,
For Daddy to go for the kill.

If I'm a good kitten,
I can play on his lap.
He enjoys my purring,
Cause Daddy can be such a sap.

Daddy touches me so sweetly,
In a rough manner when we play.
Bending me over and taking him in,
Screaming the things he wants me to say.

And now the day is said and done,
And Daddy thinks that he has won.
But as we cuddle in his bed,
I know the truth inside my head.

Mischievous af through to the core. Great stuff here
Fascinating and meaningful mischief.
The sub has much power and seduction.
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