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caned at 18,girls causing fights


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I went to school in Africa ,mixed the uniforms were similar to what iam wearing,girls wore grey skirts 6 inches above the knee and white pelerine knee socks,my girl friend sue also liked another lad,to cut a long story short we arranged to have a fight after school,sue and her friends came to watch,i thought I was winning at one point,but he kicked me between my legs,every body was shouting ,I knew I was going to lose,he got me in a head lock,and walked me over to sue,she was a great looking skinny girl,he was determind to make a fool of me,sue pulled her knee socks up,she was smiling  and I was gutted .he thumbed me on my nose  ,causing *** to pore out over sues legs ,he kept punching me in the face sue ,was actually encouraging him ,and so were the other girls,still in a head lock he turned me around and thumped me in the stomache and between my legs,i fell to the floor ,and he started to kick me,at that point a teacher turned up,next day my self and john got 6 strokes of the cane,infront of the whole school at assembly,all sue said sorry mark but I do love a good fight

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