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Diamonds a girl’s best friend ? (Chapter 5)

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“Cuffs please." Peter liked the look it was very submissive and allowed Jane to be clipped to the bed quickly or clip the hand cuffs to the ankle cuffs forcing her ass high into the air. Better still Jane could be clipped to the spreader bar. Forcing her leg apart her hands between her legs it opened her pussy and allowed him access to her that not only she wouldn't resit but couldn't resit. Their BDSM equipment had increased slowly and steadily. Peter was responsible for new purchases and often searched the Internet for new items. Jane charged with cleaning everything. She kept it clean, washing the cuffs in soapy water in the kitchen sink and putting them to dry in the airing cupboard before putting them away a few days later.

Tonight the game would be a little tougher. Gone the kisses for hearts. Hearts now stood for slaps. Clubs the cane. Peter explained the new rules to Jane. He had a crib card and had updated it to make it clear.

Peter dealt the cards. He had King of clubs, five of clubs, two of club, jack of hearts and nine of spades. Jane had six of clubs, seven of diamonds, three of clubs, seven of spades, seven of clubs. Jane took the first card. Ten of clubs. She had a lot of clubs and no hearts. She played the seven of spades (paddle) and chose to have them on her left thigh. The first slap she let out a cry, by the time the seventh landed she wanted to scream and her thigh was stinging like hell. How she was going to play the ten of clubs she just didn't know and all she could do was to stare at it and wonder. Peter drew a ten of hearts. He played the two of clubs. He thought about having Jane lick his dick it might be a nice start but he chose to build the tension up a little. Have her lick his neck two minutes of licking later Jane's tongue was a little tired but there was a smile on Peter's face and a nice bulge in his trousers.

Jane drew the ace of hearts. One minute of kissing would have been nice but hearts for her now meant hand slaps. She thought about getting a slap on the face. Something she had found on the Internet and given their new power dynamic she was keen to try it out. When they talked about Peter had not been keen it seemed like abuse to him. After a long discussion Peter researched the subject on the Internet. He found a video with a dominatrix using gloves. Now he was progressing nicely with his path to slapping her face. He had quickly accepted the idea of slapping her with a glove. He practiced holding her face with his left hand as he slapped the gloves with his right. It was completely unnecessary to hold her as the glove never applied enough force but he was getting used to the idea. Forcing Peter to do something he wasn't yet comfortable with was not a good idea. Practice was important as it had been when they first used the cane. He had practiced on a pillow crudely shaped to resemble an arse. Only when Jane was satisfied with his aim had she allowed him to practice on her.

Jane played the three of clubs (cane) she took them on the arse. Peter said "Which cheek?" Jane chose left. Peter took up position along side the bed a little bit in front of Jane's bare arse. He fondled it lovingly. Digging his nails in and wobbling her flesh. He tapped it gentle then Peter took aim and was slightly high. Now with a mark he aimed the next blow a few centimetres below, of course each blow was accompanied by a small cry from Jane. With a final swish, the stroke again landed just bellow the other two. There was not much room left on her arse for more. The six, seven or ten of clubs she still had in her hand would be a difficult. It was turning into a true test of endurance. The risk of more pain for Jane turned him on.

Peter turned up the two of spades. Two minutes of massaging. Yes that might give Jane a chance to get him off. He played it. He stood up. "Undress me" he ordered. Jane started undoing his cloths and lovingly stripped him of the garments one by one before waiting for more instructions. He put his hand out and rubbed it up and down her cunt lips. His eye drifting away before he snapped back and took his phone and set the timer on it to two minutes. "Ready? Start massaging my cock." Once Jane curled her hand round his shaft and started pumping him, he started the timer going. When the buzzer went off he had not been able to cum but was certainly on the edge and enjoying just how hard Jane was trying.

Two of diamonds. Jane dew a breath of relieve. A two that wouldn't be to bad. What were diamonds. Riding Crop. Oh. Jane played it. Left hand, right hand, right thigh, right arse cheek. There was also her tits but that would be sensitive. It wasn't a sight they should use as it could cause permeant damage. She choose left hand. It would sting but only two was not so bad and she wanted to keep the ace of hearts just in case. Peter swung the crop and the leather tip cracked wickedly. It did not hurt as much a Jane expected. It stung and brought tears to her eyes but she did not let a noise from her mouth. The second strike was worst than the first. Jane stuck her hand under her right arm pit jumping up and down before calming down.

Peter hadn't bothered putting his cloths back on. Drawing the five of spades he contemplated five minutes of massaging his cock. He looked at Jane, naked he loved the way she looked. As their eyes met he smiled and she smiled back. The King of clubs might end this game and he could give her some pleasure. Make use of the rabbit vibrator and tease her, make her hold her orgasm, look at her beautiful face and watch her close her eyes as he whispered "Cum for me slut". Jack of hearts eleven minutes of French kissing. That would spice the game up a little. He played it set the timer up and started it. Grabbing Jane by the hair for the first time he roughly started the first kiss. It showed her who was boss and she melted into his arms. After such a passionate start he eased off and guided her to the settee. Sitting next to each other they continued the kiss. No one said Peter couldn't start the teasing early and he ran his right hand along her thigh. Jane knew what he wanted and opened her legs. It was not a demand for him, more her acceptance of what he wanted, what he always seemed to want. If primarily ladies want love and romance. Men want sex. As he teased her rubbing her warm wet lips up and down, diving one and then two fingers in, coating them with her juices and searching out her clit. Jane was very hot and bothered by the time the buzzer went off they were both a little sore in their jaws it was a little bit of a relief to hear the sound.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" If Jane didn't say it out load she definitely thought it as she turned over the queen of clubs. Her eyes watered at the sight of it twelve of the cane. No way. Looking at her hand four clubs! queen, ten, seven and six. Seven of diamonds (riding crop) and ace of hearts. She picked the diamond. "Right arse cheek. Master" Peter tried hard not to let the marks over lap as he covered her cheek with the seven marks. Silence, no, as each mark reddened her she couldn't help but she yelped. Each loader than the one before. If she had started to scream Peter might have stopped fearing he was abusing her. As it was he was turned on by the punishment. However hard they completed the task.

Em ten of diamonds for Peter, tickle that wouldn't get him off and his balls where beginning to ache with need. His cock throbbing had stopped. Time to play the King of clubs (lick). Jane's tongue would feel good. As he played the card Jane's eyes opened wide this would be good. Surely he would pick his dick. Reading her mind he said "Yes it's time for you to finish this game. I want you to lick my dick." After only ten minutes Peter was ready to cum Jane had licked his shaft up and down before concentrating on his head. Her hand steading the shaft as she pulled back the foreskin. Jane ran her tongue round the bulb of the head and licked the slit causing Peter to shudder. Now she lavished long slow licks from the shaft over the sensitive head. Peter closed his eyes "Open" he commanded. Jane complied and he placed his knob head in her mouth. She closed her lips round him sucking softly and felt him shiver as his cum spurted out. The game was over. Peter couldn't help sneaking a peak at the next card queen of hearts (slaps). He had found it very exciting. Jane was glad it was over.

Peter took Jane to the bedroom. He applied lotion to Jane's skin. It cooled and soothed her. Then he made her lie face down and taking some baby oil he warmed it in rubbing his hands together before rubbing it over her back. It was not long before he laid on top of her and rubbed his whole body up and down. Then he whispering in her ear "turn over". He straddled her hips resting on his knees to give her room to turn. After she was on her back he applied a little more baby oil to his hands then took hold of her tits he massaged the flesh in circular patterns transferring the oil to her skin. To start with he left the lovely nipples alone but was soon pinching then between slimy figures. They hardened under his touch. Jane felt her nipples tightened and loved the sessions they sent to her pussy. It was already sloppy wet but she didn't want to seek relive, she would just let events take their course and enjoy the ride. Peter had enjoyed his game and he was unlikely to let her go disappointed. Having finished with her tits the nipples nice and hard. Peter moved off Jane and still kneeling he ran his right hand over her pussy lips. He slipped a finger inside the pink wet slit. It was warm wet and inviting. Jane opened her legs giving him the access he wanted. He loved the way she allowed him to use her body. He thought about making love to her but his idea about the rabbit vibrator was much better. He fetched it, turning it on he rubbed the gyrated head over her lips. Peter teased Jane. He watched as she tried to buck her hips. He loved to see her body yearn for more. He did not wait to long, thrusting the shaft in as the beads on the inside of it rotated against her pussy inner lips. The protruding nub nuzzled Jane's little nub. It sent waves of pleasure though her entire body. "Ready my little slut?" "Yeeeeesss" Jane replied as the waves threatened to rip through her like a tsunami. "Cum for me my slut" words she loved to hear and words Peter commanded her frequently to start her climax. The words triggered her pleasure like a hypnotist had her under his spell.

To be continued….
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