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Sub Princess Training


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Training a new sub is always different. I was her first Dom and she wanted to please, she just needed to learn how.

I've found it's always better at their place. Higher level of comfort and security. 

Tonight we're were working on deepthroating and anal comfort. 

She answered the door in a robe which covered her bra and panties. I immediately took it off of her and let her to the couch.

I put her on all 4s and pulled her panties down. Adjusted her hips, so her ass was up. I dipped my fingers in lube and then slowly started working her ass with one finger up to the first knuckle. Worked a little further. Worked in a second finger and stretched her out. I slide in a lubed up plug into her ass. She moaned.

I pulled up her panties and slapped her ass.


I put her on her knees infront of me and took off her bra. I pulled out my cock and Sat on the couch. I told her how pretty she was. She was so beautiful. She looked so pretty with my cock her in mouth. Daddy's princess. I force her mouth down further to make her swallow me and held it.

I called her my little cock slut. I called her my personal cock whore. 

I let her head up and slapped her face with my cock and told her how pretty she was. I told her only she could make daddy's cock feel so good. Daddy's pretty pretty princess.

I fucked her mouth again. Made her swallow all of me again. Told her I was going to fuck her ass the same ways I fucked her mouth.

I grabbed her phone and recorded her sucking on me. She swallowed me on her own to make herself gag. 

I told her I was going to cum, and she stroked me until I shot my load on her face.

For being such a good girl, I have her a vibrator and told her to watch the video and make herself cum.

Good short story I enjoyed it, keep up the good writing
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