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Dom newbie training?


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Hi everyone,

i was introduced to bdsm by a lady I met a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it,

i want to learn more and experience more but I can’t seem to find anything here in derby or am I looking in the wrong places,

any advice anyone can give me would be a massive help

There used to be a fetish event in Derby called Carnival of Souls which would have been a good place to start but I don’t think it’s run for ages. There is probably still a small scene there tho

Carnival of Souls is long gone, but there'll be a lot goes on in the area and around. 

This website isn't quite the best for the events listings (none of the events for my region are on here, at all) but Fetlife is good for finding events.    Munches are a good bet to see and talk to people - and there's likely to be various different events and parties in or near the region.  Given Celestial Studios just opened recently-ish in Derby; it's mostly used for sessions, hire, play, photos - but worth a neb if they're also doing workshops or events.

However, whatever there is or isn't - you may probably need to get on a train now and then to get the most.  I've just been down to London to some amazing workshops.

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