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Princess Punishment


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She was bad.

Daddy was out of town. Daddy said not to play with her pussy. She missed Daddy so much she rubbed her pussy in bed one night and came, calling out for Daddy. Daddy said no pussy play, no cumming without Daddy.

She wanted to cum, she was going to cum a lot.

Daddy handcuffed her to the bed and strapped her feet down. She was totally naked. Daddy got the vibrator and teased her clit with it. Within moments she was squirming. She came hard. Daddy slide the vibrator inside her with a medium pulse. And left the room.

She came again and again and again.

She was screaming for Daddy 

Daddy came in and put her nipple clamps on.

She begged for Daddy's cock.

Daddy put his cock in her mouth, tugged on the nipple clamp chain and rubbed her pussy.

She came again.

Daddy came all over her face 

Go shower and get dressed in something sexy, we are going out to a nice dinner.

I enjoy reading your short stories they are so good and they make me wet while I read them
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