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One of my most intimate concepts, tw spanking (f sub, m dom)


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The last two weeks were really busy for both the dom and the sub. He was busy with work and she had exams coming up in a few days. She was an overthinker, always worrying about stuff she didn’t need to worry about, always self-conscious even tho she had no reason to be. And tonight all her worries exploded, her brain felt fuzzy and she just didn’t want to think anymore. All she wanted was her daddy but at the same time she knew he was busy with work stuff too and didn’t want to bother him. It was in her nature to try to figure out everything on her own because she never wanted to be a burden and bother someone else with her mean thoughts and worries.
She was in the bedroom, laying in bed, buried in books. But she felt like she was suffocating. She desperately needed a break not only from studying but from thinking altogether. The tears spilled out of her eyes and she was letting out quiet sobs hoping that a short cry would release some of the tension she was feeling. But suddenly she heard hurried steps getting closer to the closed door. She started to quickly wipe her tears away, taking deep breaths to calm down so she doesn’t look like an absolute wreck. The door opened in a few seconds revealing her dom with worried expression.
„Baby? What’s going on?“ He asked and moved closer to the bed, watching his girl carefully. „Are you crying? What happened?“ He said, now not only his expression but his voice too filled with worry. He sat down on the bed carefully, wanting nothing more but to touch his little one who was obviously hurting but he didn’t want to cross any line as he still wasn’t sure what was happening.
„Doll, talk to me, hmm? What can I do?“ He asked again. She didn’t say anything, just opened her arms silently asking for a hug. Daddy’s hugs always made everything better. He didn’t wait another second throwing the books on the ground and pulling her in his arms. The simple gesture and the concern of her dom made the girl cry again. She was trembling in his arms and sobbing, big tears rolling down her cheeks and on his shoulder. They were sitting like this for some time, he was whispering sweet nothings in her ear or running his finger through her hair cause he knew she loved that.
After some time she finally started to calm down and started mumbling „I’m sorry“ again and again, trying to pull away from her daddy and hiding her red tearstained face. The dom wasn’t having any of that.
„No need to apologize, baby. Now tell me what is going on in that little head of yours.“ He said while holding her face gently but firmly making her look at him.
„Not now daddy please. I- I don’t wanna think, it hurts. P-please just not now,“ the sub was almost begging with pained expression, squeezing his shirt in her fists. The sight almost broke the dom’s heart.
„What DO you want, little one?“ He asked and watched his girl carefully. He knew she was pretty shy when it came to asking for something. The slight blush that appeared on her cheeks revealed there was something on her mind. And that is was something she considered naughty. That surprised the dom but he was still waiting patiently for her response. He didn’t want to tease her. Not when she was like this.
„I- daddy, I would uhm I- it’s weird, you’ll think I’m weird,“ she was stumbling over her words and blushing even more.
„I promise I won’t baby, whatever it is please tell. You trust me, hmm?“ He asked her and tried to reassure her at the same time. She nodded before she opened her mouth again.
„W-would you uhmm please s-spank me, daddy?“ She mumbled, her words barely audible. The dom didn’t expect that and his surprise probably showed in his expression because the little one squirmed nervously and started talking quickly, feeling the need to explain herself.
„I- it’s like- when you spank me it’s like all the stupid thoughts disappear and my mind go blank and I focus only on you. I uhm well you don’t need to be as hard as when you, you know, punish me, but I like the feeling. I- uhm it’s weird, right? Ahh whatever, forget I asked I-„ the dom finally managed to stop the waterfall of words, shushing the nervous girl in his arms.
„Baby, look at me. Come on, calm down and look at me,“ he talked calmly at her, lifting her chin so her eyes met his. „It is not weird, okay? I don’t ever want you to feel like you can’t ask me something, yes? I would never think you are weird, hmm? I want to know everything that goes through your mind, alright?“
She nodded and bit her lower lip.
„Words little one, I want to hear you,“ the dom said, he needed to make sure she understood what he said and that she remembered it.
„Yes daddy,“ the girl said and smiled softly at her daddy wondering how she could ever be without him.
„Good. Now I believe there was something you wanted. Lay over my lap, baby,“ the dom said, releasing her from his arms. She complied and laid over the dom’s lap, her face buried into the mattress.
„We will start with ten and then you’ll tell me how you’re feeling, yes baby?“ The dom said while pulling her shorts and panties down. The sub nodded and felt first sharp spank land on her ass. She didn’t expect daddy to be this hard but the explanation came soon enough.
„Words baby. How many time will I have to repeat it,“ the dom told her, this spank was a warning. „And I want you to count, alright?“
„Yes yes, daddy,“ the sub said out loud this time.
„Good,“ she could hear the dom mutter and felt another spank land on her ass. This one wasn’t as sharp but wasn’t exactly gentle either. Not that she would want it gentle.
„One,“ she whispered, expecting the next spank and it came soon enough.
„Two,“ she said and felt daddy’s hand rub and squeeze her exposed butt and thighs. The next two spanks came quickly, each on a different asscheek.
„Three four,“ she said.
And that is how it went until she reached ten. She could feel her ass being warm and definitely red even tho she couldn’t see it. The pain was slowly melting her other worries away.
„Baby? How are you feeling?“ The dom asked gently, pushing her hair from half of her face so he could see her.
„More daddy, please,“ she said. She could say the feeling she wanted to feel again was almost there. The feeling of calmness, head blank just to be filled with nice memories of the moments she shared with her daddy. Her brain finally giving up control. Subspace. The state of mind she so desperately needed to be in again.
He didn’t say anything, just gave her another spank.
„Eleven,“ she mumbled, tears again pooling up in he eyes. But this time those were tears of relief, of joy almost.
She received four more spanks, making it fifteen total when the tears finally spilled again.
„Daddy,“ she whimpered, sitting back up and wrapping her arms around his neck so tightly, saying „Thank you, thank you, thank you.“ And smiling up at him through her tears.
„Here is my little one. How are you feeling baby?“ He was very much aware of the headspace his girl was in and that it was all she needed right now. She simply needed a break.
„M good, daddy. Could we watch a movie daddy, please. And could we have ice cream, pleaseee?“ She was asking him while making puppy eyes at him. She knew those always worked. Even tho she didn’t need them this time. This was her evening, they would do whatever she wanted.
„Of course, doll. I’ll do grab the ice cream and you pick a movie, yes?“ the dom said, smiling at his little one.
„Yup yup,“ she mumbled, with the remote already in her hand.
When the dom came back with two bowls with ice cream she was just staring at the TV and biting her lip.
„So? Which one is it, baby?“ He asked already knowing it’ll be an animated movie.
„I dunno daddyyy, I can’t choose! I dunno if I want Frozen 2 or Tangled or How to train your dragon! AHH this is a nightmare. Pick one for me please,“ she rambled and whined and pouted, acting like if this was a question of life and death.
„Why don’t we watch all of them, hmm?“ He said only to be attacked by a squealing excited girl, he barely managed to put the bowls aside before she jumped onto him.
„Heyyyy baby, careful!“ He scolded her a bit.
„Sorry daddy! But I’m so excited! But wait,“ her excited expression changing into worried one in seconds. „Don’t you have work to do. And I should study,“ she mumbled, looking at the books on the ground where they landed before, all her worries fighting their way back to her brain.
„No, no, no, baby, look at me. Hey, look at me, little one,“ the dom quickly stepped in to not let her slip out of her happy place. „I don’t have anything better to do than being with you when you need me, okay? And you already studied so much. I know you did. You can have a break. You NEED a break, alright?“ He spoke calmly to her, caressing her cheek.
„Mhmm,“ the little one mumbled and nodded in agreement and a small smile came back to her lips. „Sooooooo Tangled first?“ She mumbled and look at her daddy expectingly.
„Of course,“ he said and lied down on the bed, immediately pulling her close to him, not allowing any space between them. He sighed happily. It may seemed like this was for the little one but the dom needed it as much as her. He missed having his baby in his arms as much as she missed being with her daddy. Just the two of them

Hey, gotta say I love your imagination, would you be up for a chat? Also, do you speak czech?

5 hours ago, AdamDolit said:

Hey, gotta say I love your imagination, would you be up for a chat? Also, do you speak czech?

Sure and yes, I do


You will need to message me first though :P, you have a message filter haha

I really enjoyed your writing. It flowed nicely as I read it and build up to a big ending. Keep up the great work.
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