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I stood over her quivering body,already wet,exhausted and shaking on the bed tied up after her misbehaviour trying to finger herself a few hours before without permission!.....I tied up both hands and wrapped her feet to the back of her thighs face down and left the room,went to yoga class,had a meal and very quietly walked in the bedroom,not a sound I made,she seemed to be asleep or in quiet anticipation,I slowly massaged her feet,Untied her bound legs and slowly massaged her calves slapping her heart shaped ass suddenly with a whip like motion of my hand,she squealed with delight,mmmnnnn,thank you my lord,she whisppered (I could tell she was begging for more,I slapped her right cheek away from the other and she started opening her legs lifting her pelvis exposing her glistening shaved pussy....which I trailed my fingers gently across and down under  towards her exposed clit,starting to shake she moaned,hmmmnnnn, like a prayer I continue,a song for more pleasure after hours alone.i,remembering why she was in this position,although wanting to fuck,I simply tied one ankle then the other to the 2 corners of the bed,and left the room again,when I returned a while later I sore her trying to get off rubbi,pushing  herself against the mattress,at which I smiled to myself,"shouting what the fuck do you think your doing"?,she .stiffened and said sorry my lord,i couldn't help it!!  ,oh really I said,well then keep going,your allowed ten minutes.... or wait until I may be ready,your choice she layed dead still...I' smiled and left the room but put camera on the desk to make sure she diddn t cheat!:-)short time Later I crawled in and slowly introduced my finger after pulling her hair and head back to mine I let her suck her warm juices from my hand....like a woman possessed she slurped and licked as my second finger pushed inside her my other hand pushed her favourite plug in her pulsating anus....she deeply moaned out a guttural ohhhhhrrrrwww,,which turned me on massivly,...after an hour  Starting and stopping I  brought her to the start of a shaking orgasm,I stopped everything straight away,when she started crying for her orgasm I penetrated her very slowly saying move freely,loosening one of her leg ties, and oh boy did she move,like an unrelenting animal she twitched,shook and tightened her whole body,,I came as she came,lightly gripping her throat,I let her suck my dripping,throbbing dock clean after loosening her ties,...then kissed her on the forhead,next time ask my permission!.....and we cleaned up.

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I hope you penetrated her ass
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