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Easter Eggs Treasure Hunt Clue Glossary

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Oooh….colour me egg-ited an Easter Eggs Hunt 😍 ….here we go first clues


Day # 01 - Clue # 01 - Grid # 01 - Don your glad rags and egg-pose yourself 😋

Day # 01 - Clue # 02 - Grid # 14 - Not even yolking 🥚 I’ve got this Easter 🐰 wrapped up 🎁 do you?

Day # 01 - Clue # 03 - Grid # 15 - This bad egg 🥚 basket 🧺 is perfect for egg-noring

Woah another treasure hunt!? Yass!!! Let's go!!!
No no I figured it out!

#Clue1 - make your egg-cellent self stand out by adding some of this to your profile.

#Clue2 - Easter is a time to exchange 🎁

#clue3 - no eggs for you if you are in this basket
Lol, stuck on 2 as well. Weird clue HAHAHAHA
7 minutes ago, moriarty86 said:

Can't figure clue 2 out lol


2 minutes ago, LunaMaeve said:

I'm already stuck on clue no 2 😂

Fancy yourself as the Easter Bunny?  We all love a treat 😊

Guys, if you want #2, just think about altruism. Remember, Easter is like Christmas: it's all about giving!
2 minutes ago, shadow68 said:

Lol, stuck on 2 as well. Weird clue HAHAHAHA

Hang out in my mind for a day and then you will really see weird 😂

How do you give eggs to someone? 🤔
19 minutes ago, SENHOR_ASGARD said:

I'm stuck on clue #3

We tend to give at holidays or birthdays, special occasions.

17 minutes ago, Dominating_Mom said:

Sorry can anyone explain this to me

The treasure hunt is like a scavenger hunt and each day at 3pm UK time, FET releases an icon and hides it in the FET Universe, if you choose to play your job then is to find the icon.  In this hunt we are hunting Easter Eggs and today 3 were released.   Clues are posted by members that will hint you where to look, decipher the clues and go for a hunt around the FET and if you are in the right place you will find an Egg you can tap on and it will collect in your Treasure Chest and you will earn 30points. 


If you are struggling to find clues by expanding this forum thread and scrolling backwards, head over to the website via your phone browser using www.fetish.com and head to the same forum thread and you will find a quick link clue glossary at the top of the page that will take you to each days clues so far. 


You can also share the icons you find.


To share an icon, you first need to find a member who does not have any. Open their profile and if they do not have one, it will give you the option "Give away icon now" tap and one of yours will be gifted to that member. Once you have gifted an icon away you will need to go back and recollect it from where you first found it.  


If you're planning on gifting many away as the game goes on, its best to keep a list of where you collected them from, as the site gives away a random one from what you have collected. Having a list or keeping a grid map will make it easier for you to recollect. 


You are welcome to message me if you need any help at time or alternatively post back here in this forum thread and someone will be happy to help you out. 😊


On 3/30/2023 at 12:45 AM, crystal-love said:

Our rope bunny has hidden 24 Easter eggs throughout the FET universe. 🐰 Do you dare to go in search and find them all? The winners will receive cherry picked BDSM items, personally selected by the Fetish Team. Additionally, they will get a 3 month VIP membership for free! 🏆 Join in on the Easter Egg Hunt! 🥚

This is how it works:
▫️ Every day from April 1st until April 21st, you can find a new icon hidden somewhere around the FET Universe. You've got time until April 24th to find them all!
▫️ Once you've found an icon, click on it to earn 30 points and your icon will land in your 'Treasure Chest'.
▫️ Find clues and share your own hints with fellow kinksters in the Treasure Hunt Forum. But as always... no spoilers please!
▫️ Also, we're a sharing is caring kinda crowd – give away icons to kinksters who haven't found any yet. And don't worry, once you've given away an icon you can collect it (and its points) again.

How do I win the Easter Egg Treasure Hunt?
We're not just looking for those who collect all icons – the winners are always the players who are most active in providing clues to fellow kinksters AND giving away icons to others.

Winners will be announced on April 25th!

On your marks. Get set. GO! 🏁



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