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(flashback to an old play session)

Seedy hotel room, cheap wine. Your
mouth, smirking. Finger, pointing to
the faded spot of carpet at your feet.
Undress, down to sexy lingerie and heels.
Later, they’ll dig into your back. Now,
they stretch my calves and arch my spine.
Ravage my mouth. A hint of what’s
to come. Your tongue an invader,
your hand twisting hard in my hair.
The tang of tart cabernet. Bristles
scrape the skin of my cheeks. Ask
me a question, get an answer you don’t
like. Turn me, throw me on the bed. Ass
up, feet dangling. Off balance. Hard
strikes to my ass, thrusting fingers
in my cunt. Lift me up by my hair,
hiss in my ear. I feel the rigid line
of your cock when I press back into you.
Punish me for that, too. For my
eagerness. For my wantonness. Drag
me off the bed and to my knees.
Fuck my face, make me gag, drool.
Choke. Turn my breaths into ragged
gasps. Slap my face, make me look up
at you, see the fire in your eyes.
Back on the bed. Add to the fiery red
of my ass and thighs. Push my face
into the covers. Fuck me from behind,
thrust a foot in my face, make me take
your big toe in my mouth. No dignity, that’s
what you give me. Make me your slut. Your
 fucktoy. Your cunt. Throw me onto my back
and sit on my face. Demand my questing
tongue. Push a vibe hard against my clit
and make me moan, so that I can’t hide
how much I love it when you turn me
into this creature. This shameful whore.
Put your cock in my ass and then have
me lick your balls while you wank
over my tits. I’ll lick you clean, knowing
full well where that cock has been. In
me. In every hole. Leave me panting
in the tangled, sweat drenched sheets.
Fucked. Stripped down. Satisfied.

Nice, Char. Wanna wrote something together sometime ?!
Omg *write
Damn fat fingers !
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