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Bratty Mouth for Good Use


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Baby and I just got back from shopping. She ran to call her best friend. She was talking on the phone about all the things Daddy bought her.


Then Baby started talking about Daddy's ***.

I walked into the room and she knew she was in trouble. She hung up the phone.

Do you want to run your mouth?

No Daddy, I'm sorry.

What do you use your mouth for?

Making Daddy happy. I'm sorry.

I pulled out my cock, and baby started sucking it.

I took her phone and FaceTimed her best friend. I flipped the camera around so she could see Baby sucking my cock but I could see her friend.

Oh my God, her friend exclaimed.

Daddy is punishing me.

Keep sucking while she watches.

Baby worked her mouth on my cock. 

Her friend started rubbing her pussy while she watches baby and moaned 

Baby worked her mouth up and down. Swallowing all of me. 

Her friend rubbed her pussy quickly and panted.

Her friend started to cum, and I grabbed babys head and ***s hee to swallow me and my load as her friend came at the same time





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