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The Positive Appeal of Obedience: How Submission Can Enhance Your Life


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When thinking of obedience, there are those that often associate it with negative connotations of control and oppression. However, there is a positive appeal to obedience that should not be overlooked. As a ISTJ-A ; Sentinel, I believe that exploring this topic can help us understand how the principles of submission can actually enhance our lives.

At its core, obedience involves trust and respect. When we submit to someone else's authority, we acknowledge their expertise, experience, and insight. By doing so, we open ourselves up to learning and growth, and allow ourselves to be guided by someone who has our best interests in mind.

Furthermore, obedience can foster a sense of partnership and belonging. When we follow the rules and expectations set forth by a partnership, we contribute to a collective vision and purpose. This can create a shared sense of identity and purpose, promoting a feeling of affinity and togetherness.

Obedience can also provide structure and routine in our lives. By submitting to certain rules or routines, we simplify decision-making and reduce stress. This can be particularly helpful in situations where we feel overwhelmed or uncertain.

However, it's important to recognise that obedience should never involve blind adherence or surrendering our autonomy. As a leader and mentor, I value individual agency and encourage healthy questioning and dialogue. Obedience should always be a choice made with careful consideration and with the understanding that we can still maintain our own personal values and beliefs.

So, what do you think about the positive appeal of obedience? What benefits have you experienced of submitting to someone else's authority? How do you balance the desire for structure and guidance with the need for personal autonomy and growth? As we navigate the complexities of obedience and submission, let's prioritise mutual respect, trust, and open communication in all of our dynamics.

May be the most enlightening thing I've read in quite some time. Thank you.
Expresses what it’s all about perfectly. I just wish this was more often understood
Very well put. A+. I doubt that I’ll remember all that. But I’ll have it stored in my notes.
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