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Where to Find a real mistress

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Hi I was wondering where I can find a dominant mistress that is not going to scam me.  Where do I look and how do I go about it all


lesson one is never ever expect instant results.  

Contrary to a lot of fantasy - there's are no ladies sat in dungeons waiting for sub boys who want to explore, or sat with a collection of slaves wanting to chuck more on the pile.

It's often best to diversify - being on more than one site and also including being active in local kink communities are good options.

Remember, relationships are often around what YOU can offer people - if someone looks at your profile or sees you at event, what is it that you say/do/etc. that stands out.

Learning more about BDSM and D/s relationships never goes amiss.   This can also ensure that when you approach people, it doesn't automatically cause them to be disinterested.

This is not a 5-minute quick-win job.  

This is such an open question. It’s like saying ‘where can I find a partner who won’t cheat on me’ or ‘where can I find a friend I can 100% rely on’ Relationships & friendships are built on trust, conversations & some instinct. BDSM is no different. The more active you are the more people you will talk to or meet until you find one that matches what you’re looking for. Going to clubs or munches & being on sites like this help. There are always going to be scammers out there in any walk if life there’s no special door that you can go through to find what you’re looking for it’s just going to take a lot of patience. Good luck 🌞
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Events and munches are great places to meet people snd mistresses, im looking for a cruel mistress at present, i attend fetish events in London 

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