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**TW** The lil subby bunny's abduction (Happy Easter)


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Happy Easter to everyone!

May this joyous occasion bring you and your loved ones happiness and lots of yummy chocolate.

As you settle down to read this short Easter themed story, I hope you enjoy the journey and get lost in the adventure.

However, I must advise you that this story contains elements that may be triggering to some, including *** and kidnapping.

Please read with caution and take care of yourself if any of these themes may be distressing to you.



I watched the little bunny hop through the forest, her basket of Easter eggs bouncing by her side.

She was so focused on her fun egg hunt, so unaware of the danger that lurked behind her. I knew that I wanted her for myself.

I had been on a hunt of my own, stalking her for days, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

And now, as she stopped to inspect a patch of wildflowers, I saw my chance.

Silently, I crept up behind her, my eyes locked on the small meek damsel.

I was so close that I could smell the chocolate and candy mixed with her own sweet scent. My heart raced with anticipation.

But just as I was about to pounce, a twig snapped under my foot.

The little bunny spun around, her eyes widening in horror as she saw me looming over her.

She tried to hop away, but I was too quick. With one swift move, I grabbed her by the ears and dragged her into my den.

Her screams echoed through the woods as I settled down to enjoy my spoils.

But I wasn't worried about getting caught. I had done this before, and I knew how to cover my tracks.

As I indulged in the rich, creamy flavors of surrender mixed with hints of cocoa and sweets, a warm feeling of satisfaction enveloped me.

I had outsmarted the lil subby bunny and taken what was rightfully mine. And I knew that I would do it again, and again, and again.

12 hours ago, Picklericky said:


I'm really NOT quite sure how to feel about this story because my nickname IS Thumper but I gotta tell you man that emoji is freaking hysterical! Bwaaahh Haaaa! 

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