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The sweet smell of want. Part 3

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You release your hands from my hips and pull away from me.
Grabbing an ankle you secure it firmly to the bed post and then proceed to secure the other.
I watch you as you do, feeling butterflies as you stalk around the bed. I feel so vulnerable yet safe when I'm with you. That in itself should confuse me, but it doesn't. It excites me. Just watching you, my sexy sir, exert your dominance over me as I willingly submit to your every want and need makes me wet with want
'Can you move slut? ' You ask, pulling me out of my head and into the room. I pull at my restraints gently. 'No sir'
You smile at me and climb up the bed and my body before kissing me deeply. Grabbing my lip with your teeth before abruptly letting it go.  'Try again, harder' you tell me 'we both know I'll be pushing your body harder than that'
I pull against all 4 of my restraints with all my might. You watching in amusement as I fight them, knowing my efforts are futile.
'I love watching you fight, looking so helpless, fully at my mercy'
I smile up at and bite my lip gently, knowing it turns you on.  You respond by striking my thigh hard with your palm. I yelp and moan as my body bucks up from the unexpected strike.  The sting and warmth spreading slightly.
'Stop teasing me brat'  you warn me.
'But I like being naughty for you sir' I complain back. You give me a warning stare but I ignore it, biting my lip again as I look sweetly up at you
'For fucks sake' you mutter stalking away from the bed. You return, gently slapping a paddle on your palm.
'Is this what you want my little masochistic slut?'
I smile again you 'Yes please sir"  I reply before biting my lip again.
Without warning you land the paddle hard on my thigh.
I cry out as my body automatically pulls against the restraints, keeping me firmly in place, as you swing the paddle to hit my other thigh. 'Fuck' I mutter under my breath, both thighs stinging
'You're going to regret them words '  you tell me
Now I don’t need my morning coffee! I’m fully awake ;)
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