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Part 1


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With every step you take up the staircase you can feel your heartbeat starting to increase. The anxiety of the trip over has built into a nervous energy and almost to much to contain. Half of you wants to turn around and bolt out the door to the building, but the majority of you is resolute in pulling you up the stairs towards his front door. You try and remember the last time you felt butterflies like this for anything and draw a blank. As you get to the top of the staircase you have a momentary flash of embarrassment at how wet you are. You can feel it through your outfit. You hope he doesn’t notice but that only intensifies the throbbing between your legs. You straighten your outfit and try and compose youself, trying not to give away your current state. You knock and one last flash of panic and excitement washes over you as the door opens.

You see him for the first time, a warm smile on his face and glint is his eye, confirming hes every bit of trouble that you anticipated he would be. He gestures for you to come in without saying a word, stepping aside as he does. You step into the neutral hallway, brushing against him as you do. Inhaling a waft of his aftershave. Something intoxicating and complex that you have never smelled before. As you turn to face him, he grabs you firmly by the neck, and pushes you against the wall. Gently but with enough force to demonstrate immediately who is in control of the situations. You open your mouth to speak, but with the first sound you feel a sudden heat across the side of your face as the snap of the slap echoes in the hall.

His face inches from yours, he places one finger from his spare hand against your lips, telling you to hush. He takes your bag and tosses it to the side, before pulling at your coat, whilst keeping his grip round your neck. This too is discarded in a pile next to you. He turned his gaze back to you. Looking your body up and down slowly, drinking in your physique.

He moves in a closer and you feel his breath on your neck, as he breathes in deeply, inhaling your perfume. He kisses your neck softly. From your shoulder to your ear. Small soft tender kisses. Only to stop infront of your face and hold your gaze, he eyes full of intensity. The his lips are on yours. It’s no surprise to you he is a great kisser and the throbbing between your legs becomes unbearable.

Then suddenly a flash of colours and a wave of heat across your face. The world seems to flip as you are dragged to the floor by your hair and stripped to your underwear and made to kneel. He makes you crawl, almost naked, on all 4s, as he leads you with a handful of your own hair acting as leash. He pulls you down the hall and into his bedroom which seems oddly familiar having seen it in your phone so many times. He stops ever now and then to leave handprints on your firm little ass. You can still see them as he drags you past the mirror. Dragging you back to a kneeling position by your hair he makes you kneel upright with your hands behind your back. He sweeps the hair from your face softly, before pushing his fingers into your mouth, and playfully fucking your mouth with them until long threads of spit drip from them. You feel vulnerable and helpless, but at the same time, it’s deeply intimate, his eyes never once breaking contact with yours. By the time he slides his hand across your hips and down over your pussy, you have soaked your underwear through completely. You moan so loudly when his hand brushes over your clip that you earn another slap in the face. As he slides his hand under your underwear, finding your clit instantly, you almost cum on the spot. A few hard slaps in the face prevents it and he leans in and whispers in your ear, ‘not until I tell you that you can’. He lifts his hand, fingers covered in your wetness and places the in his mouth, before forcing them back into your mouth to let you share.

As he stands to walk over to the chest of drawers you notice all of the things laid out in precise lines. Plugs, rope, restraints, paddles, crops and things you don’t recognise. He picks up a small leather crop and let’s you hear the swoosh as it flies through the air. He smiles a warm smile that belies his intentions before kneeling infront of you. He half growls, half whispers in your ear ‘I’m going to enjoy taking my time with you, you little fucktoy’. You try and hide the smile that spreads across your face, but it’s no use. You are beaming in anticipation……………
Ohhh this is absolute perfection..... My heart is racing like mad!! Love this!!!!
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