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Kink and Agoraphobia


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rip to the social butterfly gene to which i did not receive after being shuffled off into this mortal coil. 2020’s plague and subsequent fallout only hastened the inevitable hermit in me and now managing to actually get out of the house is becoming quite the feat, despite my desire to find my lil gay ass seated at a munch.
Interested in advice of all shapes and sizes, green flags and red ones to keep an eye out for with potential meet-ups, do’s and dont’s of navigating safe spaces and the social etiquettes to follow said encounters. If i know some of the general steps of the dance beforehand, i can better to prep for my own neurodivergency in situations where the ‘phobia might read it’s ugly head.
Also potentially interested in learning a bit more about how to utilise this app- it says there are no munches planned anywhere in Baltimore MD anytime soon ? i gotta be doin somethin wrong in my settings or somethin. any information is appreciated!
How about a bit (or a lot if needed!) of therapy to help with the root cause, I. E. your social anxiety. If you can nail that then the specifics, munches etc aren't so much of a problem to navigate, still scary at times though of course. I don't suffer socially so I'm able to take more of a f@#% it approach and just go for it.
For me also it finds nothing in Florida which can't be true!!
Hello percyption.
I don’t profess to fully understand Agoraphobia, but I wonder - if the issue is for you to be outside in a public space with others, what about having someone come to you ?

Now - I understand that may take time - to develope the trust required for that, but would it not circumvent the immediate issue of having to leave your safe place ?

Maybe not a full blown ‘Munch’ as such, but all successful events start out small.
Have you considered using this app - or the website to set up your own chat group, getting to know people and taking steps from that point ? …..

It might work better for you than having to deal with the anxiety of leaving the house initially ?
Online munches have taken place (certainly here in the UK) also. That might be an option for you - obviously minus the physical play element that takes place at some (not all) Munches.

I guess it depends on exactly what you are looking for, versus how far you are willing (o able) to compromise ?

I wish you luck, however you decide to proceed.
I'd Google to find local clubs that host Munches, if sound is a problem look into earplugs (loop comes to mind) that help reduce sound, set goals of length to stay and treat yourself after. Don't push yourself, beyond comfort!
I'm going to my first munch in a long time due to agoraphobia soon and I'm petrified but also super excited! I'm getting myself a goal of staying for an hour, and the venue is only a few minutes from my home so I know I can dash home if I need to. If I end up staying longer, great, but also if I can just stay an hour I'm still getting to be in a social environment with people who share interests with me! Baby steps, nothing is rushed in kink. Good luck :)
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