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At first I thought it was a catfish. They were both in their mid-20s. Jessica was blonde, nerdy, curvy with big tits, pouty lips and glasses. Mike was a chubby guy, and an introvert.

We met for drinks in their hotel. It quickly became apparent she was with him to feel secure and his family has ***.

Up in their room,  Mike and I sat on the couch.

Shr came over only wearing bra and panties. We bothe dropped our pants and pulled out our cocks. 

Looks like Daddy brought some meat. She started sucking on me while he watched.

Finally, I real cock in my mouth. I held her head down and pumped my hips, thrusting my cock into her throat. She gagged 

And a real man that knows how to use a slut , she said 

Mike, eat me.

Mike got on his knees behind Jess and started eating het from behind.

His tongue is bigger than his cock she said staring me in the eyes 

She swallowed my cock

Rubbing my cock all over her pretty face she said, I love Daddy dick. So big and it know how to fuck 

Do you want to fuck this pussy? Mike doesn't get to fuck this pussy .

I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth like a pussy. Mike was eating her ass and pussy .

She gagged and gasped 

I stood up, put my cock in her mouth, grabbed her hair. 

She was on her knees with my cock in her mouth being walked over to the bed.

I laid her out on her, spread her legs open and slid my cock inside, filling her up 

She bit her lip and moaned out. 

I took my pussy-juice soaked cock and put it in her mouth. 

I put in back in her pussy, and worked her slow and deep.

Finally, Daddy knows how to use a woman.

I pinched her nipples and squeezed her round plump tits. 

I pumped her harder and faster.

Mike was jerking himself off while he watched me fuck his wife like a whore.

I kept pumping her face to face, squeezing those huge tits 

She came on my cock.

I stopped and kissed her deeply. She sucked on my tongue like a whore begging for more 

Mike came all over himself.

I put her on all 4s and faced her towards her husband. I put my cock back in get pussy and pumped her deep and hard and fast.

Tits bouncing

Hair pulling

Bodies slapping

While her cuck husband just wanted her being used and pleasured.

I came in her pussy. 

She rolled over and spread her legs. 

Mike, come eat Daddy's cum out of my pussy

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