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Cuckold Facetime


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She was sexy as fuck and a naughty wife who loved to cuck her husband. She said he knew.

She came over to see Daddy for a mid-day blowjob. 

I was laid back on the couch and she was topless, only wearing yoga pants with my cock in her mouth.

I love telling Steve about all the things we do. He loves hearing about me being a naughty slut while he is at work.

Facetime him.


Facetime him now, so he can see his wife being a whore.

She paused.

I pinched her nipple

Do it.

I pinched her nipple again. Do it. Facetime your husband now so he can watch you suck my cock.

She did it. While it was ringing, she sucked my dick.

He answered. Oh my God!

Hi honey. Daddy told me to call you 

I'm at work.

Sorry. Daddy said you needed to see me being a whore 

She sucked. Up and down

I can't even jerk off.

Daddy's going to cum on my face 

She tried to swallow all of me and gagged 

She sucked harder and faster.


She stroked my cock and shot my load all over her face while her husband watched 

Oh my God he mumbled over and over while my Daddy juice covered her face

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