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Hiya everyone have decided that I need advice as me and my hubby are exploring my limits atm and to be honest I don’t seem to be finding them 

we have spent a small bank loan on new toys for spanking as I love him doing it and his hand only gives me so much so went for stuff like paddles riding crop and a few others all of which I love to have used I enjoy seeing the marks left and feel proud of them marks 

we have bed restraints as I’ve found I love to be tied up 

as for the sexual aspect that’s where I’m struggling the most with finding my hard limits so far I love things like being fisted using butt plugs and trying to fulfil my fullness need I love rough play in general always have done can’t be doing with gentle it just frustrates me 

up until 6 months ago hubby wasn’t to keen on any of this but with each play session he seems to have found his own pleasures and fulfilled some of his own dreams 

I’m just completely lost as I’ve no clue how far I can go or even how to go about finding out most of my friends are vanilla so no chance of chatting with them and yes I love being a sub to hubby in the bedroom as it takes away the stress and restraints of my job  plus I finally feel sexy in myself 

sorry for the length just wanted to give some details 


this all sounds good.

regarding limits - they're not really a challenge or something you 'need' as such - they're just things you absolutely don't want to do or the levels you can take things to.

it may well be you don't really identify limits if things you wouldn't do aren't brought up *anyway* 

An extension of what Blacksheep said, hard limits are exactly that. Limits. If you have not found a limit, there is nothing wrong with that. Do whatever you enjoy, and if you find a line you do not wish to cross, simply communicate this.
As said already - no need to worry if you feel ‘limitless’ as it stands. It could also be a testament to the trust you share with your husband, as you probably already know - none of this is even possible without trust and you already have that established. I’d say worry less about it and keep on having fun!!
DOn't go broke on toys. They're great and look cool but at the end of the day it's mostly aesthetics. You can usually replicate the sensations for a lot less and DIY toys are usually just as good. Exploring is a fun phase in BDSM/kink and should be oft revisited by veteran kinksters. Be careful, measure thrice and cut once. If you can in your area try to find a mentor or three to, possibly literally, show you the ropes.
I agree with MotsMunchess. Toys and other sex devices like for bondage are expensive and not needed.Don't get me wrong,I love toys and I haven't found anything to replace a butt plug or pussy pump . Some can be replaced with simple cheap house hold items or from the hard ware store. I don't use bought sex paddles. I use spatulas, Plastic spoons or a belt strap to spank ass and pussy.Every Sub I had loved it .For bondage I have always used electrical ties , rope or close line.I put one on each wrest and ankle with a bandana under it with another electrical tie lopped on to the ones on the wrist and ankles so it don't leave marks or cause *** ..Then I attach the ropes to the loops and the other end to a anything ..Its cheap, faster changing bondage and cleaner. I don't have to wash straps only the bandanas. I throw away the ties the rope never touches the skin.Every Sub liked how fast and easier to change bondage. I am a old school DOM we didn't have pussy paddles back when I started. Spanking is spanking and bondage is bondage It don't have to be expensive or time consuming that slows up the play . And I believe my Subs like the old school ways .Spanking a pussy with a belt strap is the best ; )
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