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Can't Talk Now

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I came home from work in a very foul mood. I had a headache...the boss at work had assigned me a project that was next to impossible to complete...I put a scratch on Daddy's car, that I was not supposed to drive...I shattered Daddy's favorite mug when I washed the dishes...I was disrespectful to Daddy.

When Daddy would call today, I would decline his call and text him.

Can't talk now!

Daddy calls again.


Can't talk now!

Answer the phone baby.

Daddy calls again. 


Can't talk now!

I went into the shower and stood there for a long time.

I'm in so much trouble.

Stepping out, as I was wringing the water from my hair...a giant towel wrapped around my body.

I was spun around and thrown over Daddy's shoulder as I screamed.

I started thrashing.

I felt his hands grab my thighs to keep me still as he swatted my ass. He placed me over the short end of the Tantra lounge.

Unwrapping the towel, pinning my wrists at the small of my back, I felt him swat my right ass cheek, left and then middle. 

Over and over until my ass was on fire. I spilled everything that happened. 

He kicked my legs out and felt my wetness.

You're not allowed to cum.

I could feel his cock at my entrance. He slammed into me in one motion. He took me hard as he filled me.

Tears running down my face.

I sobbed... I'm sorry Daddy, so, so, so sorry.

He started pumping, whispering..

Cum for me

I screamed and collapsed over the lounge.

All is forgiven. I love you baby.

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