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He said she was a brat, pushing the limits. Busty and curvy. DDs+. Loud mouth girl from New Jersey.  Total ball buster in the street, wanting to be owned and used at home.

He wanted to share her.

He  bought a table that was waist height and only long enough to support her shoulders to the small of her back.

Her head hung off the edge. Her ass and legs hung off the other end. She had a belt around her waist strapping her down to the table.

Master. Do you want me to be used with this other cock?

He leaned over and whispered in my ear, Pick an end, then we will switch.

I walked up to her head and fed her my cock. I grabbed those huge tits. I slowly fucked her mouth while her head hung off the edge of the table.

He took a vibrator to her pussy.

She sucked on me  hard. She swallowed all of me. The more he worked the toy, the more she worked me. I pinched her nipples and tugged on them. She moaned more.

Here. He handed me nipple clamps with a very very short chain. I clamped her nipples and she sucked harder. 

The chain pulled her tits together 

She's ready.

We switched. He put his cock in her mouth.

I spread her legs and slid deep inside her soaking wet oussy.

I pumped her while she sucked him. Her huge tits bouncing with chains rattling. I tugged on the chains. She moaned through his cock. I pumped harder. She mmoaned more. Sucking him harder. 

She came all over my cock 

I pumped her more. Her legs pinned up on my shoulders. Both tits being squeezed by my hands.

I'm going to cum in her pussy.

Yes. He said 

She moaned as I pumped her more.

I shot my loaded in her pussy with deep hard thrusts.

I pulled out and squeezed the rest of my cum on her clit 

He pulled his cock out and stroked it over her face 

You fucking whore. You took his cock and his load in your pussy.

I'm a cum whore Master. Give me your cum too.

He shot his load all over her face and then face fucked her to get the rest of the cum out

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