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Who owns these balls? - Part 3

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As Mistress knew that her last kick really hit the spot, she patiently waited next to me until I moved my hands away from clutching my balls. It must have been at least 20 minutes before I moved from the curled up position that I had been hunched in since the last kick, to flat on my back as I managed to bring my knees up towards my stomach which is supposed to help with ball pain, and I moved my hands to my knees to hold them there.
No sooner had I done that, mistress gently took hold of my balls. ‘Hmm these do feel quite heavy, full and swollen. Is that from having so much cum saved up, or from those two kicks boy?’ said Mistress. It took a lot of effort for me to reply ‘Both Mistress.’ ‘Well maybe you should try and earn this cum then and empty them out..’ Mistress had a point. But the pain was overwhelming, and I knew there would be only more to come. ‘You’re right Mistress.’ I replied, and with that, she made a circle with her thumb and finger at the top of my sac, and slowly pulled my balls down to the bottom of the sac, then just a little bit further so I could feel it in the ball chords. ‘Come on, move!’ said Mistress, as she pulled hard, pulling my balls further toward the end of the bed. I felt a sharp pain deep in the chords, let out a loud groan, and quickly moved my body down towards the end of the bed to follow where my balls were being pulled to.
‘Now up’ said Mistress, as she roughly pulled my balls upward, forcing me to stand.
Mistress leaned in close, still with her tight grip on my balls. The press of her body up against my dick made it get hard, which was her intention to move it out the way of her target. She was whispering in my ear, but I couldn’t make out all the words as I was trying to concentrate on the ball pain. I made out her finish with ‘Ready?’, and a little laugh before she rammed her knee into my balls, whilst keeping a hold of them. I let out a very loud low pitched groan as my knees weakened and I slumped onto Mistress, knowing I couldn’t fall onto the bed whilst she had hold of my balls. ‘Ohh you haven’t fell down yet.. 4,5,6,7’ she counted as I moaned with every exhale. As she counted to 8, her knee slammed into my balls again, followed by a huge wave of pain. I couldn’t even make any noise, as my body tried to process the pain. I heard no sound, as if I had zoned out, with no ball pain registering. That was until I came to, lying on the bed, still in a daze. As things became clearer, I saw Mistress kneeling in between my legs with a big grin on her face..
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